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Hey, y'all!

Been on here since 2010 so I guess it's time I introduced myself.

Rita was a hurricane that swept through Houston, Texas on September 23, 2005, not long after Katrina devastated New Orleans...01 because I'm the one and only...tx because my roots lie in Texas {married a Dutchman, which is why my location is The Netherlands}!

All that means Rita01tx is not my real name LOL!

Got sucked into the fandom the first time I saw the Twilight poster of Edward leanin' protectively over Bella. Who was that gorgeous young man and WTF is Twilight? Read all the books more than I care to admit, usually back-to-back on an endless loop...never wanted to leave Forks LOL!

And then...the movies! Especially, ROB! Discoverin' all of Rob's other movies!

I'm an Ex-RAoR h00r and proud of it! The angelz there turned me on to fanfiction by introducin' me to Master of the Universe and I was hooked, just like the rest of you!

When I'm not readin' fanfiction until my eyes fall out, you can find me on Rob Attack...recin' fics {and pervin' on Rob when I can}: http:///author/rita01tx/

The Friday Feature Fics blog spot is currently my baby...drop in any time! I'd love to hear from you!


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