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Not much about me is interesting. I am a 43 year old Twi Hard with debilitating psoriasis and mild psoriatic arthritis. I'm recently widowed (9/20/14) and am reeling from the loss of my sweet hubby of 25 years. I'm also the proud mother of two grown kids, a daughter and a son both in their early 20's. I have been an avid reader of of all kinds of books, and have followed Twilight FFN for many, many years. I'm TEAM EDWARD all the way. I love a HEA, but I also love alot of angst when I read, but haven't gotten the groove of writing it yet. Angst recs are ALWAYS welcome.

I have the greatest, sweetest, most thorough support system in "My Girls", atherwise known as darcysmom, kare831 and cilie80...they are my Twitter twifies, and without them my stories would look like my eight year old niece wrote and edited them. Seriously, I love these ladies hard. Three other ladies have BIG parts of my attempts as a writer; Anillicitwriter made my awesome blog credoroza keeps things pretty there for me when I ask her to, since I'm a total tech-fail, and the talented vbfb19 makes my gorgeous banners. Credoroza also was the first blogger to pimp out my writing in Letting Down the Walls. Big ego boost for a fledgling writer. She also featured Two Worlds Collide as a promising WIP fic to watch. Yeah, that one is taking its toll on me, but I won't quit writing TWC until it's complete. That's a promise. I don't self-promote myself, or my stories, much, just a tweet or FB post when I update, so any publicity they get is on my peers. And reviews, I love them, so please, let me hear from you, k?

Letting Down the Walls was my first attempt at Fan Fiction writing. It has been partially beta'd but I know it has issues. Hopefully, with experience and the addition of my pre-reader and betas I grew as a writer during the process, and I was blessed to be nominated for two Sunflower Awards and an iSparkle Award with LDTW. It has also been featured on several blog sites. Just Google me or the story to find the links. LDTW was a very personal story for me, as it deals with psoriasis and its mental/physical affects on a person. I know these things too well.

I've donated the epilogue of LDTW to the 2014 AJD compilation, and it will post here in June 2014.

I wrote Amore for the Fandom AJD compilation a few years ago, and it was my first short story. Hope you enjoy my Badboyward and his equally Badassella.

Two Worlds Collide was featured by the Fandom Fanatic as a must-read WIP and won the 2012 Emerging Swan Award for Best Supernatural Romance WIP. This was my very first award and I was SPEECHLESS!! That never happens. Lol. I'm awed, honored and humbled by each and every nomination and cherish each review. You guys rock my world!! HOPING to see this one reach 1k reviews soon. Sadly, I have lost all writing mojo. I've tried but the words are forced, so they aren't any good to you or me. TWC is on hiatus until I have my head, heart and physical body back in tune with the complexities and demands of writing a multi-chapter story. My heart is still aching and I would be like SM in Midnight Sun, James would win and the story would be over. I apologize to all my readers for this. Maybe over the winter I will find that spark again.

Finished a short Alice/Jasper fic in 2014 and it's my first non Edward/Bella story as well. It's called Country Boys, Marlboro Reds and Bud Light. Know it's not the fave pairing, Edward and Bella story, but those two are in the story too. It was written as a twenty-fifth wedding anniversary for my hubby, and now that he's gone I'm so glad I took the risk in writing it. I doubt if I could do it again now. Hope you'll check it out. It would mean a lot to me.

Spring of 2014, I wrote I'm On Fire for the Twilight Doctorward Contest and was thrilled to receive third place honors. My sexy and tatted OB/GYN Docward really is one of my favorites I've written, and I love the strength of my Bella. Ironically enough, months after writing IOF and after I had to close our business, I now work for our local Woman's Clinic for four OB/GYN's and two Nurse Practitioners, none of the males are young, single and HOT though. :) And no Harley's in sight...

Most recently, I started writing Love is a Timeless Treasure, a continuation of Country Boys, in memory of my late husband.

Enough about me. Enjoy your reading and I hope to hear from you. Much love, T

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