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Important profile update!

Guys this account started out as an account to start taking my writing serious as a hobby. Unfortunately, like accounts before, I found myself with a loss of ideas and drive to continue writing. Not going to lie, I was in a bad place for a little while and so writing was the last thing on my mind.

That's all neither here nor there at this point though. The purpose of this update is that I'm back and stronger for it. After a lot of soul searching I found writing isn't my hobby, it's MY purpose. In my absence I gained an interest in star wars. I have since become infatuated with all the expanded universe to star wars. I'm now taking my writing into serious interest and now writing a star wars novel. It is being written as a novel and broken down into fanfiction sized chapters on a week to week basis. If you have a great interest in star wars like I now have grown a passion for, then I urge you to go check out my new profile. I will leave a link to my new profile below.

I am focusing on my one sole story from now until completion. I will not be doing any other one shots or works otherwise until my first novel is finished. Everything you will read in my Star Wars Rebirth novel is already written work broken down for fanfiction. I am currently trying to finish the novel itself but am breaking down what I have for all my followers benefit. This story will not end so you have nothing to fear of my disappearing again.

Star Wars Rebirth starts out a little slow as it builds characters so if you like my work up until now please give it some support. Give it a fav, or a follow, or a review, or whatever you want to do. But please give it some support because I'd like to see this really take off. I'm planning that if all goes well it will continue on to become a trilogy.

Finally this account will not be taken down so you can all still enjoy my work I have posted here. I will not be updating any work here though so consider all these works finished. Without further adue come to my new page and follow my new work. You'll find me at https://www.fanfiction.net/u/10741613/Master-Juyo

Otaku-kage signing off.

Signing in now as Master Juyo.

From one Jedi to another, may the Force be with you.

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