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My name is Paul, as is obvious with my choice of my screen name. I'm pretty much a fan of the Cullen clan, and to a lesser extent the Quileutes. I was a little late to the game in getting started with reading the Twilight Saga novels, as I was not that interested at first, but gradually decided to read the first book "Twilight" after my youngest sister kept playing the DVD of the same name. Needless to say, this 40-something guy got hooked on to the saga, and passed that on to my then-12-year old daughter as well. My daughter and I went to the theatre in the summer of 2010 to see Eclipse together, and really enjoyed the film. I've collected all five -- actually six -- DVDs including the extended version of BD-1.

I tend to like Twilight fanfiction stories that are well-written, have plot complexity, stays within Stephenie Meyer's canon, and can manage to do a logical expanded-universe story. I will occasionally email an author about possible plot twists or snippets that satisfy my curiousity. There are several characters besides the Cullen Clan that pulls at me, one being J. Jenks, so you will see the short stories included in my favorites list -- these are for the most part well-written and therefore worth keeping.

I helped beta "Full Moon Rising," Content1's excellent follow-up story to "Harvest Moon," along with "Downward Spiral." Give both a read!

NOTE: In the process of writing two different Twilight stories (unposted as yet): The first will be a continuation of Content1's most excellent storyline presented in her Harvest Moon and Full Moon Rising stories; the second is an original Aro-centric story based in the WW2 period.

I have since branched out into other fandoms since my introduction to the Twilight universe. I have also started exploring a few cross-overs however it's a challenge to find really well-done and interesting ones.

Other Fan-Universes that I am interested in:

The Hunger Games; I am interested in well-written OC, canon-compliant stories. The Faded Sun trilogy by CJ Cherryh; story of the Mri and their interaction with the humans in CJ's Union/Alliance universe. The Thor movies - particularly Dark World; there's several pretty interesting fanfiction stories that are reasonably well-thought out and written. Constantine (the Keanau Reeves movie) The Milieu and Exile series by Julian May -- I cannot seem to find any fan fiction here, only on AOO; PM me if you know where to find them here. Chronicles of Riddick series. The Percy Jackson novels -- it's very hard to find decent and well-written, canonical fanfiction for this particular series; the quality of the fanfiction writing for this particular series is very obviously juvenile and not well-thought out save for one or two that I've stumbled on. I also like the animated series Star Wars: Clone Wars, and particularly the character of Ahsoka Tano and how she has managed after leaving the Jedi order, and possibly surviving Order 66 as issued by Palpatine. The 2015 movie Jupiter Ascending; I saw the DVD recently and while it was long, I liked it and decided to see if FFN had stories based on the movie -- it does! There's only about 60 or so stories, but I've put the best few on my fave list.

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