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As you can see I have deleted all of my works and that is because I don't like reading my failure over and over again.

In a few months I will be posting a new link here to my new account filled with some of the stories from this account which I have edited beforehand.

I will use this account only for BETA-ing and reading, other than that I am going to use my other account to post stories.

Let this account die. Let it stay in one corner, let it gather dust. The time has come.

- Pechay.


And now you are probably wondering why I chose Pechay as my new penname.

And that is because here in the Philippines Pechay is a vegetable which my relatives fondly relate to me, I think it is because I am hated by children, loved by adults and confusing to teens...



I claimed to have the new account ready in a few months. It's basically been two years and I apologize. I apologize so much. THIS is the new account. Click it if you've waited for me.

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