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I'm a heavy fanfiction reader, whenever I have got free time and I don't know what to do, I read. Fanfiction.
I started reading them on Lj(still do) and then here; but last year I found the Ao3 archive and, well, now I mostly use that site, especially since sometime randomly deletes stories and now a distinctly number of authors that were in my "favourite" section here, flocked to other sites and archives. *teary eyed*

I don't often leave reviews, but that's simply because English is NOT my first language so it's really hard for me to express myself proprely, and write a simple "I love it!" or "good work/job!" or "ahahaha" it's (from my very personal point of view) annoying and cheap... so I'm sorry if I favourited or followed your story but didn't leave a review, but be certain that I for surely liked it. *nodsnods*

To all the Authors: I find your creativity and imagination.. awing.
I myself tried sometime ago to write a story in my mother-tongue, two stories to be accurate, but.. let's not go there eh-ehe *sweatdrops*

And thank you for passing through my Profile :)
(and Gods bless you fanfic's authors)

Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender-Straight Alliance Supporter

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