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I apologize for my extended absence. I am attempting to get back to my stories but I feel that my readers deserve an explanation. On 8/1/2015 I underwent pepper foam training for my job as a hospital security officer. Immediately, it was clear that I reacted differently than others in my class of 30 or more officers. I went to the hospital that night and the next morning I lost my voice for three weeks. Over the next several months my symptoms began to increase. I'll skip the long and boring details but as of now I can not tolerate any products with fragrance and others that are fragrance-free but have scent-free chemicals that are harmful.

This condition, known as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (among other names) has many symptoms but one of them that I've become the most frustrated with is the brain fog after exposure. I also can be in bed for about a week after exposure due to migraines. This makes trying to put together a decent story difficult. Please look up this condition since it is on the rise and many people, not just its sufferers, could benefit from education on the dangers of the mass use of chemicals in the modern world.

Please be patient with me while I attempt to return to my writing and updating. I am home-bound so updating is quite difficult at the moment. If anyone wants to learn more about this condition and its effects on everyday life PM me and I'll do the best that I can. In the meantime, I hope to create stories that you can enjoy.

Please Note:

With the exception of Pauline and John Duke being used by DixieDavenport, no one has my permission to use my Original Characters. Please let me know if any of them have been hijacked by any other writer. Neither she nore anyone else has permission to use anyone other than Pauline or John Duke.

This includes but is not limited to the following:

Kira Kyle Duke, Joanna Hart Duke, General Thomas Hart, Kimberly Appleby Duke, Kyle Garret, Wendy Garret and Stephanie McCarthy Davenport

I'd like to thank those that have found my characters and segments of my stories elsewhere and have let both myself and the plagiarist know that they knew what they had done.

As a side note: I am most proud of my stories, "Words Spoken in Jest" and "A Change of Destiny". If you haven't read them please feel free to check them out.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Contrary to popular belief, the 'Review this Story' link at the end of stories is not dangerous. There have been no documented instances of someone being harmed by clicking the 'Review this Story' link. Further, reports about malware being installed by clicking the 'Review this Story' link are completely fictitious. In fact, clicking the 'Review this Story' link tends to increase the self esteem of the author who wrote the story in question, resulting in additional stories being written. Leaving a 'review' is not difficult. Leaving a 'review' can take only moments. This has been a public service announcement.

I think I've found my characters Jebb and Kira's song. LOL! Pull up Sara Evans' "If I run". Let me know what you think.

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