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29 Stellar Effect Codex » A Codex exploring the History and Lore of the Stellar Effect Universe
Mass Effect & Stellaris, T, English, Sci-Fi, chapters: 18, words: 37k+, favs: 44, follows: 46, updated: 2/21 published: 8/7/2022
292 Stellar Effect » The Reapers trap was perfect in its design. Their execution refined over billions of years, their technology refined since the dawn of time itself. Right up until Someone Broke the Trap!
Mass Effect & Stellaris, T, English, Adventure & Sci-Fi, chapters: 73, words: 320k+, favs: 408, follows: 530, updated: 2/18 published: 8/7/2022
115 The Warlock Route » Less Talked about concerning the First Game's possible Capture Targets is the Secret Route Target Leon Fou Blackmore. He's not as handsome looking as the main Five, nor is he as traditionally heroic either. He is however one of the last of a clan of Demon summoners known as the Umbran Witches, or Warlock in his case, and his power vastly outstrips that of the five main Targets.
Bayonetta & Trapped in a Dating Sim: The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs, T, English, Fantasy & Sci-Fi, chapters: 22, words: 118k+, favs: 115, follows: 140, updated: 2/17 published: 11/4/2023
1k+ The Rising of the Cute Heroes » Once, a Fan Fiction writer wrote a joke chapter for April Fools replacing the Four Cardinal Heroes of Shield Hero with four little girls from various other un-associated Anime. Well, turns out the joke was on him because you all really want to see that story, so presenting Rising of the Cute Heroes!
Anime X-overs & Rising of the Shield Hero/盾の勇者の成り上がり, T, English, Parody & Friendship, chapters: 138, words: 626k+, favs: 544, follows: 593, updated: 12/25/2023 published: 4/3/2021
745 The Legendary Heroes » A Spear, a Shield, a Sword and a Bow have traveled across worlds for the sake of finding wielders who can end the waves of Catastrophe. Will they succeed though, with a huge vast Multiverse to choose from? Featuring Ikki Kurogane of Chivalry of a Failed Knight, Tatsuya Shiba of Irregular at Magic Highschool, and Setsuna of Yashahime.
Anime X-overs & Rising of the Shield Hero/盾の勇者の成り上がり, M, English, Adventure, chapters: 118, words: 457k+, favs: 511, follows: 525, updated: 7/30/2022 published: 5/17/2020
8A Practical Guide to Stories » "Be they gods, demons or all the armies of creation. If they demand my home land then they can burn!" A cross over with A Practical Guide to Evil.
Ever After High, T, English, Adventure, chapters: 6, words: 21k+, favs: 4, follows: 3, updated: 1/30/2021 published: 12/26/2020
224 Queen of Monsters » "I left my past behind me. I've tried to live a peaceful life where I don't have to maim, murder, cripple or torture anyone. But as long as my past reserves the right to come back and haunt me and threaten the life that I've built, then I reserve the right to burn my past to the ground."
Monster High & Ever After High, T, English, chapters: 86, words: 251k+, favs: 45, follows: 45, updated: 8/1/2020 published: 12/16/2018
28Grim Tales of the Universe » A Journey of two young siblings through the greater universe of the Grim Tales Universe
Grim Tales, T, English, Humor & Adventure, chapters: 24, words: 65k+, favs: 11, follows: 7, updated: 2/2/2020 published: 8/25/2019
117 The Heirs of the Overlord » "Our Overlord is dead, again, but this one was all so kind enough to leave us an heir. Or as the case maybe, three. Now it is time to expand, branch out, and conquer."
Overlord & Overlord/オーバーロード, M, English, Adventure, chapters: 61, words: 192k+, favs: 98, follows: 101, updated: 5/25/2019 published: 2/3/2018
453 The Dark Lord » A young ruler is cast adrift as a stranger in a strange land, nothing to support her but the disgraced legacy of her mother. Now watch, as she rises, and becomes the Queen that she was always meant to be. Now if only she could get people to stop calling her 'The Dark Lord.'
Ever After High, T, English, chapters: 79, words: 259k+, favs: 88, follows: 84, updated: 12/2/2018 published: 5/28/2017, Apple White, Raven Queen
3Avengers Initiative » It is never a good thing when a country goes to war. It usually starts with a single act of violence. The worst is when we fight among ourselves. When brother fights brother. Those that they are sworn to protect suffers for it. Often times, war also ends with a single act of violence, one strong enough to convince people the ones fighting that they finally need to stop, and rebuild
Marvel, T, English, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, chapters: 3, words: 8k+, favs: 6, follows: 3, updated: 6/23/2018 published: 6/9/2018
104 Issues » A long awaited night in the castle, where two young girls finally settle their differences. Warning, Contains Lemons, BDSM, Yuri, Foul Language and a very angry Minnie, might be slightly Oc. Read at your own risk.
Grim Tales, M, English, Romance & Hurt/Comfort, chapters: 72, words: 210k+, favs: 34, follows: 26, updated: 1/27/2018 published: 9/18/2016
71 Klaud Captors » What is magic? We have this thing called 'science' to explain it, but does anyone really know what it is? What it really is capable of? Where it actually came from? Where it's going to end up? What we are going to do when we get there? That is what I want to know. So Hi, My name is Klaud Reed.
Card Captor Sakura & Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei/魔法科高校の劣等生, T, English, Adventure, chapters: 65, words: 163k+, favs: 54, follows: 50, updated: 11/5/2017 published: 7/30/2016
285 Naruto: Heroes Path » Atsuko Hyuga, heiress of the Hyuga clan, daughter of the seventh Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki, reincarnation of strongest of the tailed beasts! Based on the Heroes path comic on Snafu comics.
Naruto, T, English, Adventure, chapters: 127, words: 308k+, favs: 73, follows: 57, updated: 5/20/2017 published: 12/6/2014
3 Monster Island Reports » We of the Monster Island staff would like to draw upper management's attention to the ludicrously dangerous conditions of the Monster Island project.
Godzilla & Godzilla: The Series, K, English, Sci-Fi, chapters: 2, words: 2k+, favs: 12, follows: 7, updated: 10/22/2016 published: 8/11/2016
9 Remnants » Legends, Tales, Stories of a world that no longer exists. That's all we are, Remnants of a world gone mad.
League of Legends & RWBY, T, English, Adventure, chapters: 17, words: 41k+, favs: 25, follows: 14, updated: 7/23/2016 published: 2/27/2016
11 Devil X Hero » "I am the Demon Reaper! I am the God Killer! I am the Horseman of the Apocalypse! And to you, you puny little rat that stole what is mine! To you I am Death!" For those looking for Devil X Human
Rosario + Vampire & Grim Tales, M, English, Supernatural & Suspense, chapters: 35, words: 82k+, favs: 24, follows: 14, updated: 2/20/2016 published: 6/27/2015
8 Remnants Trailers » Five part series to test the waters for a potential new fic. We are but Remnants, Legends. Stories scattered through time. Mankind has grown quite fond of recounting the exploits of heroes and villains, forgetting so easily that we are remnants, byproducts, of a forgotten past. Of a world that no longer exists. Destroyed time and time again by the cycle of war. The Cycle must end!
League of Legends & RWBY, K+, English, chapters: 5, words: 9k+, favs: 13, follows: 7, updated: 1/15/2016 published: 10/24/2015
3Metroid: Origins Come and explore the rise of the infamous Bounty Hunter Samus Aran to true fame and glory throughout the universe from the beginning.
Metroid, T, English, Sci-Fi & Adventure, words: 10k+, favs: 6, follows: 4, 7/25/2015
19 Demon X Reaper » "As he fell from the sky, the life leaving his body, she too felt like the life was going to leave her. As she desperately sought to restart his still heart she realized that this is what he felt all along, not the dozens of the dead buried beneath the soil, not the thousands of monsters that had sprang forth from their remains. It was this." For those looking for Long hard Road
Rosario + Vampire & Grim Tales, M, English, Adventure & Hurt/Comfort, chapters: 16, words: 207k+, favs: 30, follows: 17, updated: 6/21/2015 published: 5/18/2014
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