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For all of those that have read my story "Beginning", I am SO SORRY for making you guys wait so long for a new chapter! I honestly forgot all about it. I plan on moving the story to either my Figment or Wattpad account. Maybe both. So for now, I'll leave the story posted here. Also, I need your help. Give some more motivation through future chapter ideas because I have no idea how to continue the story. Thank you!

Ouestions Of A FanGirl Diary!

Have you ever thought of anime as yoai?

Of course I have, I wouldn't be a TRUE female Otaku if I never had.

Do you chant "KissKissKiss!" when two boys get really close?

Honestly? Yes, but not always out lound.

Who are your fav pairs for yoai?

Jack and Ianto; Kol and Jeremy; Cato and Peeta; Seifer and Hayner; Four and Caleb

What is the rateing you like the most?Why

I like the rating 'M' the most because of the"possibilities".

Do you like lemon?


Have you ever drawn boys kissing?

Yes, I have, multiple times in fact.

Diary Of A Hater

Who are the people you hate the most?

Gwen Cooper (Torchwood); Kagome (Inuyasha);

Why don't you like most none homo pairings?

It's not that I don't like them per say. It's more like the cannon ones annoy me.

What pairings do you hate the most?

Jack/Gwen; Inuyasha/Kagome; Four/Tris; Riku/Kairi; Tidus/Yuna; Sora/Kiari

The girl walks as she slowly dies. The man saw her and took her home with him. In the hospital her life was to end. The man would have none of this so he gave her his heart. The little girl is now a young teen with a new father. He loves and takes care of her like the first did,looks like him too. The reincarnation of Lisa's beloved father.

Copy and past to ur page if you want the end of unneeded deaths!!

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Have you ever had a crush on someone?If so then copy this down to your profile.

Love is a horriable thing. Never fall in love with some one. If you don't want to fall in love, copy this to ur profile

If you like SRPG then try 'Sakura Wars- So Long My Love'

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