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Hi im Cece im 15 years old in real life

here's my favorite things:

my 2008 mac laptop (that i use everyday :D)

sly cooper (all three games)

sonic the hedgehog (i hate sonamy FYI)

how to train your dragon (NIGHT FURIES FOR THE WIN!)

face book :DDDD

and writing stories/poems

here's some stories I'm gonna try to start :D

Yin Yang: Balance of light and dark

riding shotgun with sly cooper (this is based off sly cooper 2: band of thieves)

here's some info about my characters:

Cece Luna Kimari
Age: 15
Breed: Night Fury and Human mix
Powers: Darkness, Night Fury abilities, Seeing Spirits for the Fallen, Going and Coming from the Spirit World, and able to summon Drago the Night Ancient from her shadow
Friends: Sly Cooper (Brother), Bently ("Dad"), Murry (Fighting Coach), Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III (Brother) and Royal Luna "Shadow-Flight" Night Fury (Adoptive Mother)
Current Location: The Island of Berk
Short Bio: At the age of 6 she witnessed her real parents death and became scared for life, 4 years later she meets Royal after freeing her from a military trap, they became close friends and Royal accepted Cece as her rider and forever her little kid (kin), a few months later she and royal escaped from the military and flew to berk where she almost died. Royal saved Cece's life by biting her side giving her night fury blood letting her live for a long time. After that experience Cece and Royal never left each others side they both live in Berk with Hiccup and she's happy to be alive, she is counting her blessings to this day play respects to her dead parents with royal by her side. Royal is more than a live saver, she's like a mother she never had and she forever loves her with all of her heart. her right eye is a night furies.

Royal Luna
Age: 1,000 (dragon years), dead in human years
Breed: Full Blood Night Fury
Powers: Using the elements as armor, if she's blasted with a attack she can absorb the attack and create armor from it.
Friends: (same as cece's)
Current Location: The Island of Berk and sometimes at Night Scar Clan
Short Bio: Being the Runt of the liter of her clan she was hated and teased, so she left her clan to find someone who can like her for the way she is. Traveling to America the military attacked her and damaged her tail weight so she crashed int the forest caught and trapped. After cece came to free her she learned not all humans are bad so she let cece become her rider. After a month cece and royal decided to leave america to start a new life together. The military came and tried to stop them so royal out manuvered all of them but one keep on her trail and almost end cece's life. as a result she bit cece's side in order to give her some of her blood to live. After cece learned what happened she and royal never left each others side. royal thinks of cece as a adoptive child and loves her no matter what.

"Family" Tree for Cece:

Ben (husband)
Royal (mother)
Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III (brother)
Sly Cooper (brother/idol)
Lance (her son)
Crescent-Moon and Drake (nephew and niece)
Erik Conan or Shea Valhallarama (nephew or niece)

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