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5/20/2014 - Hello, everybody! Rosey here with a small-ish PSA

First, I changed my username from RoseyChickadee to WhatATangledWebSheWeaves, mostly due to the fact that a lot of my new stories and ideas are crossovers and most of the details get jumbled up as I'm putting the ideas together.

You all can still call me Rosey, though :3

Second, I apologize (yet again...) for the lack of updates! I have had one hell of a past year, with starting college and taking 40 hours over 3 semesters Xp

I do plan on updating my main stories at least twice this summer and posting some one-shots/short stories to give all of my lovely followers and readers a glimpse at some of my new ideas

That's it for this PSA from Rosey. Hope to "see" you all soon

12/27/2013 - ...I'm not dead!! Even though, my lack of updating might indicate the opposite. Heheh...

I promise that I'll make a greater effort to update my stories more regularly! First New Year's Resolution, for the win!

6/25/2012 - Hi, again. Yea...no updates in a while... PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!! Blame my attention span and general obsession with cute movie/video game/manga bishies. I've got so many ideas that I might be posting more stories before continuing the ones I have here, JUST so that I can get them out of my friggin' head X.X Hope to see ya'll around.

O and I took the Mass Effect poll down. I decided on the easier scenario

3/21/2012 - Hey, everyone! Just so everyone knows, I am working on my stories. I just have so many ideas that it's hard to sort them out sometimes " With that in mind, I have a poll up for a Mass Effect story. At the current time, I haven't made my mind up about which path I'll take, but when the time comes that I get my thoughts straight, I'll close the poll. So ya'll need to hurry up and get your votes in!

3/16/2012 - I'm baaaack! So just to say that I'M NOT DEAD!! Just trying to get my story priorities straight " Please look forward to reading more of A Two Way Blessing and His 'Queen' in the next week or so!

And since Jaegerjacquez Christmas, Boyfriend for However Long, and BfHL's sequel Yours for Forever and a Day got fairly good reception, I'll start writing holiday-based stories in addition to those two major titles! I may have to skip certain holidays one year, but rest assured, I'll most likely get to them the next year :) And just fyi, holidays and festivals from multiple cultures will be used as well

You can find the list below my update entries and my mini-bio.

2/20/2012 - I'm SO sorry to those who have put me or any of my stories on their Alerts/Favorites list(s)! I didn't expect this month to be so chaotic!! Between juggling my part-time job, a painting class, and a once-a-week lecture on the US Constitution, my brain's a lil' fried X.X

But thank you for reading my stories and look forward to reading more of them in the [not-so] near future!

12/31/2011 - It's New Years Eve?? Already?! Man, I had just gotten used to 2011... :/ But anywho it's 3 hours and 30 minutes until 2012 as I'm typing this and can't wait!!

12/23/2011 - Wow...Two days to Christmas...With all this stupid propaganda and chaos, I can't wait for it to be over X3 But still, can't wait to spend it with my family!! Merry Christmas, peeps!!

11/12/2011 - I just noticed that in the second chapter of "His 'Queen'", there wasn't a line to help separate the time difference between when Mika and Shikamaru introduced themselves to each other and when they decided to take a break from finding Chouji XP Sorry for any inconvenience; I'll make a better effort to notice things like that before posting chapters in the future

11/9/2011 - I've been working on posting stories for a while but they're all hand-written DX It's gonna be a while before all of them are here on FanFiction, but it'll be worth it. Oh! And I forgot to mention that I've had a new laptop for about two or three weeks so I've been happy But as it turns out, the problem in my old laptop wasn't the motherboard or the processor: it was the internal battery XD My dad said that he'd get a new battery, wipe my old laptop's memory, and just give it to my little sister.

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