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I have always loved to write, but I didn't really start writing fanfiction until I got into college where I found myself with a lot of spare time on my hands in my first semester. People say I have a unique writing style and I try to make my stories as unique and twisted as I possibly can. I'm a sucker for romance and action and most of my stories are based on those two elements. I challenge you to read some of my stories and tell me what you think, I'm pretty sure you will enjoy them!

Finished Stories

A Viper's Poison

Serena is an assassin who is given the assignment by Crystal Empires to kill Darien Shields, a research scientist who discovered a nuclear weapon plot designed by the company. Serena finds herself falling for the man she is hired to kill and the tables turn when she becomes the hunted. Full of twists and action that will keep you on the edge of your seat. (Serena/Darien)

The Impossibility Of It All

The Impossible occurs when Hogwarts is attacked thrusting Ginny and Draco together. Will the impossible between them become possible? One Chapter Story (Ginny/Draco)

Identity Crisis

A potion explosion during detention causes Ginny and Draco to switch bodies. (DracoGinny)

Stories in Process

Friends Close, Enemies Closer

While in the Chamber of Secrets, Ginny Weasley discovered secrets locked in Tom Riddle's mind that would change the world and put her in grave danger. Four years later, the only way to keep her safe is to change her entire identity. Since Dumbledore wants her to finish her schooling, they put Ginny in the one place where the Dark Lord wouldn't think to look for her, Slytherin. (Ginny/Draco)

The Snake Charmer

Serena and the Silver Snakes continue to follow the trail of Dr. Gracin plunging themselves into dangerous situations. Four new mysterious men provide complications for the assassins as well. (Serena/Darien)

New Stories to Be Written

Prince and the Pauper (Title subject to change)

Prince Draco Malfoy is tired of his life in the castle with his father constantly hasseling him to join him in his mission to take over nearby kingdoms. Looking for a change, he finds it when he meets Tristan, a street rat who looks almost identicle to him. Deciding to change places, Tristan causes in uproar in the castle while Draco finds himself falling for Tristan's best friend Ginny Weasley and fellow street rat. (Ginny/Draco)

Blinded To Love (Title subject to change)

Serena, coming home late one night, stops at a gas station to fill up and witnesses a robbery and murder at the gas station. When she runs away from the scene being chased, she trips and hits a tree receiving an injury to her head. Detective Darien Shields is assigned to the case and to help protect Serena who is now blind, from the men who did the crimes. Further investigation by Darien and Serena prove an even more twisted plot then originally imagined. (Serena/Darien)

Game of Corruption (Title subject to change)

Things seem a little twisted when Ginny Weasley was the only member of the family to be placed in Slytherin and Draco Malfoy disgraces his by being placed in Gryffindor. Being the conniving Slytherin that she is, Ginny takes it upon herself to corrupt golden boy Gryffindor Draco Malfoy, but what happens when he decides to become a player in the game and not the playee?

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