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I understand that in world politics, there is no good and bad sides. There is only our side, and everyone else. Being a Russian citizen, I naturally consider Russia and Russian people as MY side. For everyone, who considers otherwise - please hear me out. I would not try to persuade you to my view point - I know its pointless - but please, ask yourself one question: is human life precious? I hope that majority will answer YES without much hesitation. If you are among that majority, and you are somewhat aware of current situation in Ukraine, I implore you to help stop a genocide. The situation there is that dire. Choosing to believe otherwise, choosing to believe that "special operation" against the separatists is something normal is promoting a genocide. You may believe me, you may believe your government, you may believe new Ukrainian authority. OR you can go to YouTube and search words "Odessa", "Lugansk", "Mariupol". Look for yourselves. Can army killing a civilian population be called special operation? Or is it genocide? If you agree with me and think that it is genocide, please help spread the word about it. Neither my, nor your government is really doing anything about it right now. It's up to us, world's community, to put pressure on our governments. It's up to us to stop this new, modern-day UPA, those new Nazi, from spreading their message and ignigting our world. It's up to us to prevent WWIII.

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