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Hi! I'm a 32 yrs old portuguese Key Account Manager, who used to love charlaine harris' world of BonTemps until her last couple of books... Then, I went through a fase when I mostly read Downton Abbey and Pride and Prejudice's fanfictions... And recently, I've re-discovered SG1.

That said, please do read (and please review) my SVM's two stories: the first is a multi-chapter and sort of a "what if" story - and I'm incredibly proud of it; my second is a silly crossover between a Disney classic and SVM - it's short and easy to read.

About me: I am a person who enjoys life. Some of the things that I like are tennis (I've been playing it for many years), going on trips (and living in Europe is great for that because with the new low-cost airplane companies, you can spend a weekend in a different european city almost every month - well, almost every couple of months!), and writing (I like to write because it challenges my mind to think harder - especially in English!).

Cheers from Portugal! CĂ©lia :)

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