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Valerie Shea
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My name is Valerie Shea.

Currently I reside in Fargo, North Dakota, as I have for the past 17 years of my life. I am the mother of two daughters, born April 15th 2006 and August 24th 2008. My husband and lifemate is Trevor Jay, with whom I plan to grow old and cranky with (as if we aren't that way anyway.) We both enjoy broad genres and favor the fantastical authors, such as Brooks, Salvatore, RR Martin, Tolkien, and I myself enjoy original comedies, although my dear TJ would rather saw off his own arms than watch or read anything that would make him laugh.

I am currently attending college again, so my writing may be a bit sporatic, but I shall do my best. I write for practice and for my own enjoyment, in hopes of my personal works being published someday. If you are as so kind to review my works, I will return the favor to your own. I appreciate honesty and constructive, non-personal criticisms.

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Currently I have no original works posted, but there is one in the making. Stay tuned!

Current Projects:

The Starborne Legacy ~ For my dear TJ, I am writing him this story, based on World of Warcraft. Since World of Warcraft is how we originally bonded and fell in love, it has a lot of sentimental value. I plan on updating with a new chapter every few days until it is finished. The Deadline is January 04, 2010, Trevor's 27th Birthday. But don't tell anyone, shhh!

The story revolves around the Druid Mendingwall Starborne and his beloved bride.

Part One: Progeny ~ In Progress (9/15 Chapters Completed)

Part Two: Guardian ~ Coming Soon (0/15 Chapters Completed)

Part Three: Exile ~ Coming Soon (0/15 Chapters Completed)

Part Four: Sacrifice ~ Coming Soon (0/15 Chapters Completed)

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