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Welcome to my profile. If you want to talk my tumblr is probably the best place to find me.

Tumblr: I have a lot of SC! stuff there, but I also post other fandoms

my shugo chara headcanons blog:

Ao3 (where I will be cross-posting everything; also where explicit fics will be): /users/CammieFujisaki

Where to find music that inspired my fics: /cammiefujisaki

About me

name: You can call me Cammie.

age: 26

Gender: Female

b-day: September 8

Reviews: I love reviews but will never pressure people into leaving them. I love concrit as well!

Fandoms I write: Right now, just Shugo Chara.

Main Fandoms: SC, Persona 5, Genshin Impact FFXV. I play more games than watch anime these days.

I am obsessed with shugo chara. I forever will be. If thirty years from now you come across this page and think, "huh?I wonder if she still likes Shugo Chara?" The answer is yes.

Rimahiko is my number one, Tadahiko is my number two.

In my stories Tadase will commonly be gay. And this isn't because of any "tadagay" stuff like that (I adore Tadase and will not stand for bashing of him, nor do I appreciate homophobia). I think it's just an interesting portrayal of his character.
I will represent Nagi in various ways throughout my various fics. Usually I stick to him being cismale with many feminine traits, but lately I've been falling for either bigender or genderfluid Nagi. Occasionally I will write Nagi as a transfemale (like in Dissonance, My Everything). I also will sometimes feature both Nagi and Nade in my stories.

My shugo chara ships are: Rimahiko, Takuto, Tadahiko, kutau, rimashiko. amuto, tadeshiko, kaiya. etc etc...

if you have any questions or comments feel free to PM me here or message me on my tumblr :) I still read all reviews for my fics (even those posted years ago) and they totally make my day.

Hoping to be more active on here from now on!!*

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