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Joined Oct '10

Name: LoneWolf427

Your friendly neighborhood fanfic writer on the Autism Spectrum

age: 25

"Writing is easy. Getting the story right? THAT'S the challenge". - Quote of my own design

"I share my world with NO ONE else, all by myself I stand alone". - Sir Garrett

Who I am and what I do isn't because that's WHAT I am, but because of what was done for me. What was done for me wasn't because of what I've done, but because that's who they are

"He told me people would come to see me get beat. Others would come to see me win. I'd get 'em coming and going." - Muhammad Ali quoting Gorgeous George's advice to him

Current stories:

One Piece - Grand Tour - Book 1: The Girl Gunner Doc Holliday (Complete)

Natsu, Happy, and the Moving Castle (Hiatus)

Yu Yu Hakusho: The Fairy Tail Files (In Progress)

She-Ra: Legend Of The Star-Beasts (In Progress)

Coming Soon:

One Piece: Paradise Restored (One Piece x JoJo's Bizarre Adventures Crossover)

Amphibia X Battletoads Crossover (Title TBD)

Ptreon page name: Lonewolf427

Whatever I write is for the sake of telling my own story. If not for that reason, it's because I want to stand among the fellow writers who I admire and respect. Not for recognition, though, but simply for my own sake, to prove I have what it takes. It doesn't matter to me if nobody likes my stories or even me. I'll keep on writing no matter what anyone says.

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