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Dear Readers,

My name is Gabriella Aida Marcin. I have taken over Ala's account because she doesn't want it. Me and my twin sister Gazelle meet Alana and Azazel at a special camp for twins. Me and Gazelle were in the same cabin... It was for gifted twins, mostly. Me and my sister are gifted. As is Azazel and Alana. We became close friends. Ever since my niece ,Cara, died i have been living with my sister. Me and My sister Tori, Victoria, were close. Not as close as me and Gazelle, but close. Cara , my niece, Was one of my favorite people on earth and she was 2 when she died, about 2 years ago.I am 14 years old and I just moved in with my Dad and Step Mom. :D I am not the best writer and i often forget that i don't own the books. :D Also, my sister was calling me Evil so i came up with Evil Ella, so if you see that, its just be being silly. :D

I am a country girl from Canada

So, anyway. Me and Ellie are best friends and nobody can come between us. I have black hair and big green eyes that get very wide and green when i'm in shock. I almost died when i found out Cara died. Cara was killed on November 12 2008 RIP My beautiful Niece. I was in the crash and if i had just moved in front of her like i was going to she would be alive and i'd be dead.

I'm warning you now. I have put ALL my stories on hold and up for adoption if you would like any of them. They all belong to Ala and not me. I will update a couple.

Love Evil Ella

PPS: If there is a story of mine that you want to take then go ahead. Just tell me first. They are ALL Ala's :P

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