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Sometimes life sends you a curve ball but some of the time you can hit it out of the park. That's why books are so powerful because we read about how people had the courage to do things we never thought we could do and when we try to be like our hero's from our favorite books we find out that we can have the same courage as them.

These are some of my favorite sayings:

The hardest part about life is deciding when to stop fighting.

When people critise you just take it as a compliment because they took time to pay attention.

If all you see is darkness turn and look at your best friend in life and you'll finally see the light.

Stop speeding through life because you'll miss all the blessings around you.

Don't give up because life is worth living.

You take the breath right out of me, and left a hole where my heart should be. Now I've gotta fight just to make it through, because I know I can't live without you.

Fall down seven times, get up eight.

When life gives you lemons make iced tea. (lol)

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