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Name: Tiffany

Country: Australia!

Info: /witty and creative joke

I'm not really good when it comes to talking abouty myself, so I'll keep it short and sweet - like me

: P

I've been playing Warcraft and World of Warcraft for a long time and I'm a complete lore-aholic. I love reading about Warcraft, whether it be canon or fanfiction, I can't get enough of it. I love this site and all the stories. I have been writing for a while and my friends keep telling me they love my writing and I should publish it somewhere, but I keep reminding them I don't own Warcraft, Blizzard does. So I did the next best thing and came here. I want to start a fresh story just for this place so if I do direct my friends/family here, it will be something new to them too!

Currently I am in the middle of writing one very large WoW story, the first part being 'Till Death Do Us Part'.

Other than that, I can't really think of anything real important to put here for now. I'm pretty friendly, so if you ever feel like sending me a message or asking a question - don't hesitate : D

Wooow. I've been soooo busy as of late - which is now why I will start writing smaller chapters so I can update more frequently and you guys, my lovely readers, can get their fix quicker : )
I also had to iron out a major gaping plot hole that I encountered, so I have subtely rewritten a paragraph in Chapter 5 (Metamorphosis) to fix it up, which I think I have done nicely! Anyway, read and enjoy! : D

Update: Well, I have now finished Part One of my story arc (Till Death Do Us Part) and I must say, it felt daaamn good to click that 'Complete' box on the Stories page lol : P

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