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I'm really into Once Upon a Time fanfiction, though I'm not up on everything in the show, at the moment. I love to read R & I and Castle fanfiction. I haven't written anything of my own in quite a while.

I love music. I love theatre. I love musical theatre. I'm currently studying abroad.

I can't remember the last time I chose to read a book for pleasure and finished it completely, but I love books deeply.

'You are where you need to be. Just take a deep breath.'-Lana Parrilla

'Life throws some curveballs at you and you go where it takes you.' -Sophia Bush

'I do try to take on things that are a challenge. You've got to keep pushing your boundaries.' -Jennifer Morrison

'I learned that you should breath it in, breath your life in and enjoy it. Always be optimistic and be nice to people, open to people. Follow your dreams but make sure that you know what your dreams are. If you find something really great, don’t screw it up, don’t mess it up but hang on to it. You never know how and when it ends.' -Stana Katic

'Cleaning is my favorite way to relax. I clear things out and get rid of the stuff I don't need. When the food pantry and the refrigerator are organized, I feel less stressed.' -Jennifer Morrison

'I think the sexiest thing on anybody is intelligence. I respect somebody who has a brain and wants to use it more than a pretty face and status.' -Sophia Bush

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