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Hi guys, glad you decided to check out my profile, um it's not much but I just decided to point out key things about me.

First. I am a huge fan of anime, I will possibly read anything you throw my way. Second I do love erotica novels, my favorite being the

Fifty Shades Trilogy. I finished the entire series in under 2 weeks. I would have finished sooner but I am in high school, so sorry.

I enjoy reading Inuyasha stories as well, it's one of my favorite anime of all time, I give a humongous shout out to Rumiko Takahashi.

I'm do have stories that I know need updating, some will be deleted only because I've lost interest and I don't have any more idea's for

them. I mostly do just read on Fanfic but I do try and do my own stories that I hope you all will check out.

Uh, sorry my profile isn't all that long but I do look forward to reading and reviewing some amazing stories =).

Also I am looking for a Beta, so please PM if interested.

Sorry for the boring page, I'm not a boring person in person, I'm actually really coy and I tend to stay to myself or in a book X3.

Love you guys, and Happy Fanficting X3

Also follow me on Tumblr if you like!https:///blog/coffee-over-tea-never

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