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I am a student of English- not a native speaker. My stories may thus contain some mistakes. I would love you to indicate them for me- that would help me learn.

I'm just getting started with writing stories. I know I have a long way to go, but.. my way is planned already. That means:

1. Nan of Avonlea - completed- to be rewritten; focusing on Nan Blythe's life on the eve of WWI.

2. Under the burning sky -in progress; set in the years of WWI, tells the story of more neglected characters- Blythes, Merediths, Fords but also Blakes and Parkers.

3. Under the silver linings- tells the story of "bringing in the new spirit", as Jem Blythe has once stated. Set in the very first years after WWI, includes weddings and funerals, births and deaths, happiness and distress but mostly- keeping faith in the new life of Canadians.

4. Annie of Ingleside - a story of a character that has yet to be introduced in my stories. Set in the years of WWII, the title is an obvious reference to RoI.

Apart from the "main course" I may be posting some one-shots when the mood takes me.

I am more than eager to know what you think about my writing. All of your reviews will be greatly appreciated, both the positive and the negative ones. I'm good at taking criticism so don't worry and run me down if you wish. That will help me improve.

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