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Zodiac: Libra

Chinese Zodiac:Rat

Education: Associate in Liberal Arts

Grade: Junior in College

Height: about 5'3

Weight: 115 lbs

Hobbies: Writing, acting, reading, singing, cooking

Talents: I'm not sure...

Reason for being here: I love writing and reading

Hey guys! So I cannot say that I can update regularly, but I can try. I generally take interest in random topics and fictions. So you can find stories, some way better than mine, on my favorite list, or you can PM me for suggestions if your waiting for me to update. I tend to answer my PMs more than I update. I have only two stories on here posted. Bah, but I have plenty of stories that I have started writing as well. I have a couple Hunger Games fics, Star Trek (2009), Tru Blood, The Hobbit, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Vampire Diaries/ The Originals, Teen Wolf and so on. I just haven't gotten them around to posting.

I genually love talking to people so please, do not hesitate to message me if you want. I will respond. Hahaha...ok so I can be a bit awkward as well but don't worry. I'll try and update soon. Check out outfits on my polyvore. I'll put something up for new chapters ASAP.


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