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Hello! I thought it was time to change this because I hated the wordiness. Short version... my nieces hooked me on Twilight, Under the Apple Tree intro'd me to fanfiction, and Hide & Drink brought me to FFN. Never been happier!

Had to leave this because it will always be true... I am grateful that all of the authors here are willing to share their stories. It’s a courageous thing to put your ideas and creativity out there for others to enjoy. I appreciate all of the time and thought that they put into each wonderful little E/B world that they create. There is some truly amazing talent here. So, if you’re a writer – Thank You!

I also wouldn’t be a faithful FF addict if I didn’t mention the few stories that completely own me…

Completed Stories – I’ve read these multiple times and love them so much I put them on my Kindle:
Take the Ice by bellamarie117
Help Wanted by jaxon22
First & Ten by nolebucgrl
Words with Friends/Words with Strangers by nolebucgrl
This Life by CaraNo
Sideline Collision/Getting Blitzed by nolebucgrl
Bella Swan: Kidnapper by Kambria Rain
Rain Must Fall by drotuno
The Princess and the E by CLWN
Faking It by spanglemaker

Operation: Break the Dawn by katinki - I have read this in-progress fic at least a half dozen times, hoping it will be finished someday. If you ever hear anything about what's going on with it, please let me know!

Thanks again for stopping by and listening to my rambling!

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