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Hello! If you're here you have read/are reading something I've written, I'm assuming. Unless you just picked a random story's author and decided to see what their profile was like.

I just realized that there's already a story called Dreams of the Morrow (This being two hours after I've put up the first chapter of mine) and it's really pretty good, so sorry if the author feels like I stole their name. I'm pretty sure there are around four Final Fantasy 7 stories called Redemption though, so I figured it was alright.

"I myself have noticed my growing resemblance to a daffodil." "We daffodils like having things brought up. It reminds us of spring."

-Nealan of Queenscove

(Squire, by Tamora Pierce)

Hmm. Oh, next time you make pancakes, you should put sprinkles in them. It's delicious! And pretty!

Pairings I Like (Though I'm a huge fan of stories without pairings and you probably don't care):

Soul/Kid Soul/Maka Black Star/Tsubaki ... Ron/Hermione Draco/Neville (I know, right?) Flint/Wood Pucey/Higgs ... Zack/Aerith Zack/Cloud Genesis/pretty much anyone ... Cloud/Squall ... Irvine/Squall ... Prussia/Canada America/Canada America/England Austria/Hungary Sweden/Finland ... Tony/Steve Tony/Pepper Tony/Bruce Steve/Bruce Clint/Phil (Coulson) Clint/Natasha ... Mercutio/Benvolio ... Dom/Kel Neal/Kel Sarge/Ouna ... Jet/Zuko Sokka/Zuko Sokka/Suki ... Light/L ... Zexion/Demyx Xigbar/Axel

Pairings I Don't Like (Though I would still read if the writing was good and you probably don't care):

Harry/Hermione Snape/Hermione Harry/Ron Harry/Cho Harry/Ginny Harry/Cedric Draco/Pansy Lucius/Snape Anything with Bellatrix ... Cloud/Aerith Sephiroth/Aerith ... Squall/Rinoa Tidus/Rikku ... Riku/Kairi ... France/Canada England/China ... Steve/Natasha ... Zuko/Katara

Anything else I don't have much of an opinion on.

Ideas for Stories I'm Not Goind to Do that Other People can Write if They Want to:

Harry Potter: Harry grows up in a non-magical world with his aunt, uncle, and cousin (His parents really did die in a car crash). He is not treated nearly as badly by them since he doesn't have magic, and they don't spoil Dudley quite as much. Both Harry and his cousin join the army and end up going to the Middle East. Dudley dies, and Harry comes out with PTSD (It could be mild or extreme, your choice.) His uncle blames him for Dudley's death, and Harry ends up dying not long after in a carcrash, or whatever. After dying, he wakes up either in the hut on the rock or earlier, and faces mass confusion with his PTSD and the wizarding world, and eventually, Voldemort.

Kingdom Hearts/Harry Potter: Demyx, Zexion, and Axel end up at Hogwarts 4th year. Axel gets in Hufflepuff because he insisted he was loyal to Roxas when the hat immediately counted the house out because of lack of loyalty. Zexion is in Slytherin for the obvious reasons. However, Demyx also goes into Slytherin because while he may not be cunning, he's not exactly studious, loyal, or brave either, and the only thing I could think of to fit him into any of the houses was self preservation. One of the three gets into the tournament instead of Cedric, (Most likely not Zexion because he would just take the cup when Harry offered) but doesn't die when AK'd because my opinion of the killing curse is that it stops the heart to kill and Nobody's don't have hearts. So, if someone had a defibrillator, it's possible, (but not guaranteed) that someone hit by the killing curse could be revived.

Please tell me if you write one of these, because I'll want to read it!

Attack on Titan is absolutely fantastic! Watch it, but not if you can't stand blood and violence and death!

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