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Hey all my pretties,

So not sure what i should put here other than i'm obsessed with Criminal Minds, NCIS, NCIS LA, Alice (syfy's version), and just reading and writing in general. of course i'll update this as i find more things to fall in love with. So i'm looking for a beta. preferably one who's open to me emailing them at random hours to bounce ideas off of them as well as all the other editing stuffs. if you're interested, be sure to email me pretty pretty pretty please! I have also become seriously obsessed with the Avengers. I blame the sexiness that is Jeremy Renner for this.

I've started a series of stories for The Avengers, called the Together series. It starts with "The Truth About Us" then "You Have My Heart" followed by "Love Me Always" fourth is "Everyday Love" then "A Change Of Direction" the sixth and seventh "Holding My Heart" and "Love Forever" take place at the same time and there is one more in the works so far. I plan on keeping it going as long as I have people who are interested and who love it.

I've finally named the universe that I play in for Criminal Minds. It's called Always My Love and it technically starts with "To Catch a Goddess" then "The Letter" which is followed by "A Slip Of Truth" and just added "Let It Out And Let It Be True"

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