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The name's Blair. I'm 22, female, and currently working in somewhere in Insurance Land. When I'm not working, I like reading, watching wrestling and Home & Away, sleeping, eating, shopping, and hanging out with my family and friends. I'm kinda addicted to Facebook and I enjoy playing "The Hunger Games Adventures". You can also find me on Twitter, Formspring and Tumblr - where I have a personal blog, and Fuck Yeah! blogs dedicated to Chris Benoit and U2's Bono :) My musical interests include Avenged Sevenfold, Miley Cyrus, U2, Green Day, Katy Perry, Papa Roach, Taylor Swift, Good Charlotte, Lady GaGa, Lostprophets, Nickelback and so on. When it comes to movies, ome of my favourite films are the Austin Powers trilogy, the Harry Potter series, Titanic, Seabiscuit, Toy Story, Lion King, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, The Simpsons Movie, Cashback, Anastasia, and of course the Twilight Saga films. My fave authors are Stephenie Meyer, JK Rowling, Timothy Conigrave, Suzanne Collins, Jaclyn Moriarty, and Jacqueline Wilson. I support the Parramatta Eels NRL team and I'm a massive fan of Krisnan Inu and Beau Ryan... Anything else? Just ask!!

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The Way You Love Me = a wrestling oneshot set in August 2011 ft Trent Barreta, Michael McGillicutty and an OC, Danielle Barreta. May or may not write the prequel and sequel someday. [Weebly page]


Dearly Beloved - A Green Day fanfiction set in highschool times, ft Billie Joe ArmstrongxOC, Tre CoolxOC. [promo banner] [Weebly page]

No Matter What - A Daniel Bryan fanfiction set in WWE's RAW show from 2010, ft Daniel BryanxOC, MizxMaryse. [promo banner] [Weebly page]

Bourne 2 Fly - An Evan Bourne fanfiction starting in July 2011, ft Evan BournexOC. [Weebly page]

Bad Girls - A fanfiction co-written with my sister Miss-RKO, featuring PunkxOC, ChristianxOC. [Weebly page] (Note: This has been removed from for some stupid reason - have yet to discuss this with my cowriter.)

To Protect And Provide - A Drew McIntyre threeshot fanfic set in March 2012, ft DrewxOC, Teddy Long. [Weebly page]

One Step Closer - a Hunger Games fanfiction ft HaymitchxOC, President Snow, Peeta, Chaff, Katniss, and others. Starts when Haymitch and Renay (the OC) are ten years old, finishes sometime after the rebellion in MJ.


Unnamed sequel to "Dearly Beloved", featuring same characters.

Nurse Maria - A miniseries featuring Chris Masters and my OC Maria Jane Walker, who is a Seattle-born nurse. [Weebly page]

Best Birthday Ever - A wrestling oneshot featuring Daniel BryanxOC, centered on his 30th birthday in May 2011. May or may not write the prequel someday. Summary: On the 22nd of May, 2011, the combination of a loving wife, an amazing family, great friends and a extra-special surprise gave Daniel Bryan the best birthday ever.

Electrical Storm - a wrestling fanfiction featuring BenoitxOC until his death. Also mentions early years of the OC Renee Scott's life and her WWE debut. [Weebly page]

Impasse/The Nowhere Years - A sequel to the above and prequel to "Need You Now" ft; Renee Benoit-Scott, Dean Malenko, the Guerreros, Rey Mysterio, Kelly Kelly, CM Punk, John Cena, other superstars/Divas.

Need You Now - a sequel to the above stories, featuring potential Malenko/Renee, Vickie & Chavo Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, Kelly Kelly, Zack Ryder, CM Punk, John Cena, other superstars/Divas. This will be the final story in the Renee Benoit-Scott chronology.

Unforgettable Fire - a Titanic fanfiction ft Tommy RyanxOC, JackxRose, FabrizioxHelga, Cal Hockley, Ruth DeWitt Bukater.


Rising Sun - A Zack RyderxOCxYoshi Tatsu one shot set to "Rising Sun" by Cold Chisel.

Hollywood Whore - A Drew McIntyrexOC oneshot set to "Hollywood Whore" by Papa Roach.

Unnamed Twilight fanfiction featuring EmmettxOC, EmbryxOC, QuilxOC. [Forum]

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