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My name is Debbie K.I live in Oklahoma and love to read fan fiction vampire academy I spend most of my day reading.

Ienjoy reading VA stories and am amaze on how talented some of these young writers are.

Be sure to read these stories they are good. :)

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Keep checking back I will keep posting new my favorite stories as I read them Thank you and support these writers.

In reading different stories in which I have read close to a thousand that there has not been one single story that there wasn't some kind of mistake but that didn't take away from the story. I have also realized, which I hadn't before different countries spell words different than the USA does they have the same meaning but are spelt different which I believe is cool something I never knew. So I hope anybody who reads this profile will be a little kinder when reviewing other people stories.

I have great ideas for stories but don't have the patients to put into words the plots or anythings else so I truely am amaze on how some of these stories come together.

Now I will get off my soap box and everybody have a wonderful day.

Any and all things listed below belong to the rightful owners and not me. I don't own any songs lyrics, clothes or showing a house and items I think Rose or Dimitri would have.

My Big Tall Cowboy

Brad Belikov Log Home


Barn is basicly the same as the house just bigger

Music I think Rose and Dimitri would listen to:

Rose's Engagement Ring instead of pink center stone it would be chocolate diamond. (Juicy Light Unique Engagement Ring) highligt it and then paste it on search

Song Rose and Rio dance to

Rose birthday cake ()http:///images/01Saddle.jpg

Chapter 23

Rose's corset she wore with her dance with Rio the red one

javascript:CaricaFoto('Strapless Burlesque Womens Corset ','http:///ca/I/flirtylingerie_2153_1575383164')

Kenny song he sang to Rose ()

The second song Kenny sang ()

Chapter 25 dances that Rose and Keith did along with songs Rose sang

Songs and dances for chapter 26

Cha Cha Sway Rose and Keith ()

Cha Cha Sunshine Of My Life Rose and Keith

Rumba 'Temptation' Rose and Keith dance

Samba 'Change' Rose and Keith dance

Clint and Rose song

Rose sang When I feel like cheatin

Rose sang Well I'm one bud wiser

Rose's Dress to the ball except instead of silver swirls it was gold


Dimitri Tux for the ball


Bach. Party

Rose's corset http:///Basques_Corsets_-_Gothic_Brocade_Ivory_Lace_Satin_Strapless_Basque_Corset_Top/p200370_398157.aspx

Rose's dance song for Dimitri


Rose's Wedding Dress 2011 embroidered wedding gown SJ0758

Rose's Wedding Hat http:///product_info.php?cPath=25&products_id=459

Rose's Wedding Flowers copy an paste hit Wildflower wedding Boquet ( Wildflower Bridal Bouquet
Item No: WE-4DW)

Rose's Wedding Garter copy and paste then hit Ivory western garters ( Ivory Western Wedding Garter

Brides Maids Dresses http:///popup.php?image=images/gallery/lg/202.jpg

Table decorations (Sat'n Spurs) hit table decorations.

Rose's Wedding cake http:///A-Wed38.JPG

Dimitri Tux http:///images/photo/w123.jpg

Grooms and fathers tux

Big SizesLightweight Frock Coat @ RentonWesternWear

Cake Cutting

First Dance

Tossing the flowers Hit me with your best shot by Pat Benetar

The Garter song

Last dance

Chapter 31 Babies Room

javascript:MM_openBrWindow('/nav/product_details.asp?itemid=1210&itemname=Horse & Star Iron Changing Table&numshow=1','Details','scrollbars=yes,width=740,height=660')

2 babies beds

javascript:MM_openBrWindow('/nav/product_details.asp?itemid=1834&itemname=Horse Iron Canopy Crib&numshow=1','Details','scrollbars=yes,width=740,height=660')

The twins Rocking horses

javascript:MM_openBrWindow('/nav/product_details.asp?itemid=4984&itemname=Derby Rocking Horse&numshow=1','Details','scrollbars=yes,width=740,height=660')

The horse Chandlier in babies room _

The Horses Chandelier Item No. A007075

Room color is sorta like this except with babies beds in it

Leather and Lace Bedding Ensembles

Babies Bathroom

Band of Thunder Western Decor Bath Accessories

The True Mate:

What I think Dimitri looks like:This is also Dimitri traditional dress he wears at the bonfire. Just copy and paste: 5cf8593d0d624d88348d16b55c298270

This is what I think Rose looks like:http:///s/thumb4/0/94/14/95409414emByjP_th.jpg

This is Eose ceremony Dress:http:///r-f-56190.html

Chapter 15 Bon Fire

The song Rose rides into the camp fire to and does her prayers:

Night song Rose's second she dance to at the fire ring:

Third song Rose dances to and chants A-La-Ke:

Fourth song Rose dances to and sings:

Chapter 16

1 Song of Rose mating dance:

2. Song of Rose mating dance:

3. Song of Rose mating dance the last dance that Dimitri was dancing with her:

The Boken Glass Slipper:

Roses Dress for the Masquerade Ball Lissa is identical to Rose's except light green: http:///PROD/ALRQ205.html

Rose first dance with the tall strange:

Rose second dance with the tall stranger:

Chapter 11

The crew first song:

Rose first song she sang Shanty Ano:

Rose second song My Jolly Sailor Bold:

Rose fourth song A Thousand Stars:

Rose fifth song Tragedy:

Rose sixth song Kiss Away:

Rose seventh song That's All:

Rose's wedding dress: http:///Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=R&Product_Code=70411&Category_Code=BridalGowns

The Dragon Flute: http:///ca/I/yhst-62697111611463_2163_14550102

Chapter 15 The dress Rose wore to the palace: http:///Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=R&Product_Code=80214-5-6-9&Category_Code=AllEnsembles

TheDress Rose wore to the dinner at the palace: http:///Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=R&Product_Code=80212-6-9&Category_Code=AllEnsembles

Chapter 19

The Dress Rose arrive back to Turkey in :http:///Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=R&Product_Code=60145-6&Category_Code=AllEnsembles

Chapter 24

The dress Rose wore to dinner at her father's: Ball Gown Q251 Incredible Ball Gowns from SIMPLE ELEGANCE

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