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Favorite greeting: Hola.

Name: ...not really any of your business, but you can call me any branch off of whiskedaway. Like whisked or ed or something.

Origin: Austria, so really don't expect any flawlessness on my part in my usage of the english language...

Anime, Manga and series that I adore: South Park, Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Khr, HxH, Fma, Skip Beat, Air Gear, D.Gray-man, Kekkaishi, Gakuen Alice, RosarioVampire, Soul Eater and many, many more

Oh yeah, I'm currently on a Fate/Stay Night trip, btw. Just got to love that incredible plot. You've ever read Gabriel Blessing's fanfic In Flight? It's a wonderful doorway into the fandom, haha.

Books I love/like: The Inheritance Circle, Harry Potter, The Elves, The Dwarfes, Hunger Games... I'm kind of a lot into those fantasy novels.

Games I practically love: Kingdom Hearts (great great fantastic, love the story line), Final Fantasy (all of them are great) and Sims 2, WoW, Nostale.

Also, I do believe that this needs a listing of it's own.

Yaoi: Currently in love with MinaNaru. (I know it's incest, but really, doesn't that just add to the divine flavor?) And a barely ever heard of pairing: GilgameshShirou (Them being from FSN). Just look at this pic. Don't they look awfully well together? (all that sEXUAL TEHNSION. DROOL)

Update 26.4.13.: Wow, it's been awhile since I updated last. First of all, I apologize to all those kind people who've alerted and favorited any of my shitty stories- I know I've promised to update them sometime, but I fear I've got to rewrite them all and start anew. I feel like crying just looking at them; they're just THAT bad.

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