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I love Severitus/Sevitus. Some old favorites of mine:

"So close" by halfbloodprincess21 "Second Chances" by Mara Rome "Self Preservation" by coffeeonthepatio

I also highly recommend "In which Snape befriends an old grey donkey" by Plenty O'Custard, which isn't Sevitus, but still brilliant, and ditto for "Meant to Say" by Kirinin. And of course Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, although I prefer the beginning and middle to the end, actually. I blame Less Wrong for getting me into fanfic in the first place, and then Clell65619 for showing me that HPMOR wasn't a fluke.

19 May 2013

I have finally posted a story. All these plot bunnies I've had, and one finally gets me to start typing.

A note on slash: my definition of slash requires a noncanon pairing (so Ivanova/Talia wouldn't qualify) that is non heterosexual and at least vaguely important to the story. the mere existence of gay men or lesbians or active bisexuals does not make a story slash. My stories will be labeled accordingly. I might write slash sometime, but erotica is really not my thing.

4 July 2013

Posted chapter 8 last night and chapter 9 today.

5 July 2013

Chapter 10 up.

6 July 2013

Chapter 11 up. I plan on starting to add author's notes here. I love reading other authors' notes, but notes in my own story bug me. I'll be going back an cutting out the ones I've already written soon. (Or not. Man, am I a lazy butt.)

I don't recall what I was going to write for this one, so I'll just say that I'm having a grand time setting my brain on ten year old Harry, winding it up, and letting it go. I like to think that we will know this Harry pretty well by the time he gets on the Hogwarts Express.

7 July 2013

chapter 12 up. I finally got to do a cliffhanger! :D

Oh, and I am partially pulling my information on magical families from the Harry Potter wiki and partially making stuff up.

And now chapter 13 is up. I couldn't handle the suspense, I had to know what happened next, and once I'd written it, why not post it?

No, Lord Black is not a nice man. I think I'd class him as Lawful evil, actually. But being evil doesn't require you to be horrible to everybody, and you catch more flies with honey.

8 July 2013

it may be a day or two before I update again. Now that I've thrown most of the concerned adults into a blender and hit "Purée", I need to work out how they're going to react. Hopefully six updates in four days will hold you for a bit?

Poor Dumbledore. This was not what he had in mind at all.

And apparently I was confused, because I got inspired for chapter 14 after all and now it is up.

Pairings: No student pairings in this story or the next, at least not for Harry's age group. He's serious about no Bulstrodes, Weasleys, Boneses, or Lovegoods (unfortunately; Harry/Luna is my favorite ship, but it's not happening in this story, despite what Harry thinks) and I don't see Harry/Hermione on the horizon as anything beyond a few dates and then they decide friends was better. I promise not Romilda Vane, and that this Harry, Draco, and Neville are straight (no promises for anyone else). Beyond that, dunno.

9 July

Chapter 15 up. It's short, but I think we're getting into the bit where chapters will span quite a few days.

And I just put up chapter 16. Hopefully that will make up for the shortness of 15.

And now chapter 17 is up. I'm on a roll.

10 July

Chapter 18 is up. *whew* what a lot of dialogue! I just hope it isn't awful.

11 July

Chapters 19 and 20 up. In case you couldn't tell, I've always been sorry for Percy, and I figure away from his family and without a war on, he'd be much more laid back.

Chapter 21 was just something short to let people know to check the end of 20 for a new addition. Should I take it down now or should I leave it? Either way, chapter 22 is up now. I think this story is going to end up somewhere around twice as long as I expected it to be when I started it.

And I just deleted Interlude, at the cost of 65 words and one chapter. I figure it's outlived its usefulness.

12 July

I just posted the new chapter 22, the pool party. I smiled all through writing it. I think it might make a nice Patronus memory for Percy.

The main antagonist in this story was Harry's upbringing. Next story will feature a bit more conflict.

And I just fixed the link in chapter 18 for Tango, which is http:///2007/07/coonbig.jpg. Big booful kitty.

Chapter 23 up. More on the chthonic, and den Gamle Tro will become more important as things unfold.

13 July

Chapter 24 up. I don't think anything earthshaking is going to happen for the rest of the week in the story, but I won't know that for sure until I write it, and before that I need sleep.

And slept, woke, and posted chapter 25. I think there are only three chapters left, Sunday through Thursday, Friday, and then a coda on the train. I may take a day or two before starting Book 2, or not. Not sure.

I've got my blurb for book 2: Harry's on the train, the Philosopher's Stone is at Hogwarts. How will Quirrelmort handle _this_ Harry and friends? Harry starts his new journal.

Chapter 26 up. One full chapter and a coda to go!

Chapter 27 is up. Now I just write and post the coda and I'm done.

And now I am done, and the story is marked complete. Go me! I finished a story!

And now it is heading toward midnight and I am starting chapter one, book two.

14 July

And it's past 2AM my time. First chapter of book two is up, I really hope it isn't dreadful. If it is, please tell me and I'll edit it once I've had some sleep.

And now it's Sunday evening and chapter 2 is up. Sorry it's short, but that was what I had. I considered leaving it until tomorrow, but I didn't want people to feel neglected.

15 July

I had stuff to do today, but I still got a chapter written and now chapter three is up. I had to work out a class schedule first, and I'm not even going to try to pretend that mine resembles canon all that much, but I think it works.

And now chapter four is up. I really need to start eliding some days, or this story is going to be three hundred chapters long, but Harry's been busy.

16 July

Chapter five up. Today was Tisha b'Av, a major Jewish fast day, so my creativity isn't really up to par. I'm not even going to think about starting chapter six until tomorrow.

17 July

Chapter six up, my longest chapter yet, and there is action. And Harry's comments about his relatives don't mean that those cuff links don't still have huge sentimental value, just that it's complicated.

And now chapter seven is up. It's not as epic as six was, but hopefully it's not bad.

18 July

Chapter eight is up. Sorry it's short and late, but my husband came back from a two week business trip this evening and I spent most of the day trying to catch up on the housework I've been neglecting because writing is much more fun than cleaning.

And the readers have spoken. Longer chapters less often are better. So you guys promise not to feel neglected?

20 July

Chapter nine is up. The excrement has hit the oscillating device.

And now chapter ten is up. The Slytherins are mad as hell, and they're not gonna take it anymore.

22 July 3 AM

Chapter 11 is up. The best-laid plans of mice and Slytherins...

25 July

I just posted a new story, completely unrelated to the journals. I promise I'll get back to the journals soon, just I read this one-shot, and it reached out and grabbed me. The other story, the one-shot I posted the other day, well, just what it says on the tin. It was a plot bunny dancing in my head that demanded publishing. I may get back to it, or I may just use that story as a plot bunny burial ground, dunno yet.

Writing, I note is a lot like reading. I keep writing to find out what's going to happen next, although this way I have at least a little control over when more story happens. And what so many writers say about characters having minds of their own? Only too true.

Argh. Apparently I have been misspelling "McGonagall" all this time. I am going to keep fixing it in Re-Sorting until I get it right, but for Harry, I'm just going to have him figure it out and say "oops" and resolve to do better. Now I just need to retrain my spell-checker.

22 December

Chapter thirteen is up. Yes, it has been a long time. In the interim, though, I got a better idea where the plot is going. Granted, in this chapter you can't really tell it's going much of anywhere, but Harry is only just back to school.

31 December

I woke up with a plot bunny, and I had to get it written before I could accomplish anything else. The first two or three lines kept repeating themselves in my head until I wrote them down. Also, chapter 14 of Book 2 is partially written. I need to reread Re-Sorting to see where I left it.

18 August 2014

Chapter 14 is up. Profuse apologies to my readers. The next chapter will be a lot quicker. I'm amazed that I am still getting follows and reviews with the story having lain fallow all this time. Thank you, everyone.

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