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Name: Awsme Grl aka Diandra (One of my Given Names)

From: Antigua (Caribbean)

Gender: Female

Favourite Anime/Manga: ONE PIECE

For those wondering where the updates at:

I'll be taking a hiatus. Might take the rest of the year so I'll be seeing you guys in 2023 if all goes well. If not January, you WILL see me back in the first half of the new annum. It's not writer's block, it's life block.

Gonna get this life together and then proceed with doing all the things I love such as journaling, watching movies, and anime, reading manga, reading in general and WRITING. I live on an island with over 300 beaches and have not been to the beach in almost 2 years. It's all work and no play which sucks greatly. The joys of growing up with both parents being entrepreneurs... I stick around by choice so no need to offer advice. I have other plans which will be carried out.

I wanna travel and do all the things. And continue my love for language learning etc.

So for my mental health -cause I always have the updates at the back of my mind - I'll be taking a break. Of course, I'll be writing in between but that will be without the pressure and guilt to update at a particular time without letting down my readers. I know how excited you get for the updates (me included) but this life needs getting together pronto.

Thanks for understanding. And if you stick around, I'll appreciate that plenty.

Hey, I'm a Huge One Piece Fan and I love to read Fanfic Stories. They're really great!

I'm not such a huge fan for pairings but I'll accept Luffy and Nami stories. They seem to be some kind of connection between the two and they are always so dependent on each other.



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