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Hi! I am Samantha ,well everyone calls me Sam. I am not really interested in Role Play at the moment.

I idolize Winston Churchill, and would love to have chatted with him when he was alive, if I ever got the chance. I feel as if was born in the wrong era completely. I love the 1940's. I am a huge WWII fanatic. I enjoy the history and the background of it. I love the hair, the red lips, and the culture. I love the dancing, not today's grinding. I especially love the big band music! I love the class of it all. And I love Captain America.

I will now proceed to tell you very random things about me...

I can't really sing. I mean I can sing some things but I can't sing a lot of things. It's strange man...

I'm very stubborn. I hate being proven wrong.

I LOVE bunnies and pugs. And I'm too not sure as to why. But I do.

I use the word dude... a lot.

I use 'DUN DUN DUNNNN' a lot in my reviews. I just see it fit in a lot of stories. It's a weird thing I do.

I LOVE CHRISTMAS!! I'm the type of person who would be happy listening to a Christmas Carols in July.

I dye my hair red.

I've written numerous stories in the past and they flopped. I psych my self out of them, and I delete them. But I plan on writing a story and sticking with it until the very end.

I love Aubrey Hepburn

Feel free to PM me if you'd like! I'm open to discussion :D

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