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Greetings fellow writers/readers

Names/Aliases: BloodTrinity, Bt, SoulPurge and Penguinus(Not real name; duh)

Realname: Thats for me to remember in this age of aliases and codes and you to find out ;D

Preferred Name/Alias: BloodTrinity, Bt

Gender: A dude

Age: You know we don't really put real ages here

Current Status: Alive and kicking; Probably going inactive for the next 5 to 6 months due to me starting my National Service.

Short forms:

OC means Original Character

OOC means Out Of Character

AU means Alternate Universe

Canon refers to The Original Story Line

Updates/Notices for stories/fics:

Progress Section,

A Country Without Borders:


RoAH: Return of A Hero:

Hiatus cause my ideas for this fic kinda...died...

The Many Abilities of Kamijou Touma:

I don't think there's actually a way to continue this?

The Kid in Blue Bear Robes:

Scratching my chin in thought.

When Light Falls:

That's basically it I guess?

Upcoming fics:

The Kid in Blood-stained Bear Robes:

Kinda iffy on it's progress.

Random Quotes:

'People die when their killed'

-Emiya Shirou from Fate/Stay Night

'You...YOU...YOU!!!!...What was I about to say again? :D'

-GineticFreak from

The choice is loyalty to oneself, or loyalty to one's country'

-The Boss

'Kept you waiting huh?'

-John 'Jack, Naked Snake, Big Boss'

'Cogito ergo sum, I think, therefore I am'

René Descartes

'What I uphold is Justice, What I shatter is Evil!"


'Justice is not blind, for I am her eyes!'


Note: For all those who are from Sakurahana forums, try adding me :D I'll add you too ya'know?

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