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Name: Lauren Elizabeth Taylor

Age: 16

Height: 5'6

Body: Toned, Athletic

Eyes: Blue

Hair Length/Texture: Long, Wavy

Hair Color: Dark Brunette

Heritage: Irish-American

Parents: Layla and Gerald Ross {deceased}

Sign: Gemini

Personality: Stubborn, Protective, Playful, and Sarcastic


(Bumblebee)- Sister-Brother Relationship. She feels the most comfortable around him in the beginning of the story. He matures a bit so he can be a role model for her.

(Jazz)- Best Friends, they're each other's partners in crime. He's very playful towards her. Helps enable her to break the walls shed created around her.

(Optimus)- Father-figure to her. At first, they get off to a rough start. She's able to push his buttons with her antics. She feels distant and untrusting towards him, not able to process what a real father is truly like.

(Ironhide)- Their personalities clash sometimes. Ironhide being a hard-ass and Lauren being sarcastic. They develop respect for each other. He tells her like it is when she needs tough love. He too becomes protective of her.

(Ratchet)- They easily annoy each other. Ratchet understanding of humans not being strong as the other bots being a cause. Though deep down they really care about each other. Only shows affection to her in times of need.

(Katrina Lennox)-Best Friends in boarding school. Katrina knows her well but sometimes finds her confusing. They experienced mission city together. Lauren trusts her with her life, for she is the last remaining part of her past one

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