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My name is Kayla and I'm a 28 year old from the United States. I graduated college in December 2011. I am still searching for that really cool job that I can use my degree on. I admit it, I miss school. That's hard to admit, but school was when life was easier. A lot easier. I work part time at the local movie theater and part time at a local Subway here in town to pay my bills, due to a health set back I had a couple of years ago.

I'm a HUGE The Big Bang Theory, Supergirl, The Mentalist, Fringe, Gilmore Girls, The Good Wife, Once Upon a Time, and Warehouse 13, Hunger Games, Bones, Reign, Avengers, Agents of SHIELD, The Flash, Arrow, and Merlin fan.

My ships:

- Kara/Mon-El - Supergirl

- Logan/Rory - Gilmore Girls

- Peter/Olivia - Fringe

- Fitz/Simmons - Agents of SHIELD

- Leonard/Penny - TBBT

- Sheldon/Amy - TBBT

- Barry/Iris - The Flash

- Cisco/Gypsy - The Flash

- Oliver/Felicity - Arrow

- Diggle/Lyla - Arrow

- Lena/James - Supergirl

- Katniss/Peeta - The Hunger Games

- Will/Alicia - The Good Wife (It's not really canon, but there are major hints!)

- Rigsby/Van Pelt - The Mentalist

- Howard/Bernadette - TBBT

- Luke/Lorelai - Gilmore Girls (But I accept Chris/Lorelai too! I'm weird! I know!)

- Tony/Pepper - Iron Man/Avengers

- Booth/Brennan - Bones

- Angela/Hodgins - Bones

- Cam/Arastoo - Bones

- Lisbon/Jane - The Mentalist

- Hook/Emma - OUAT

- Henry/Ella - OUAT

- Snow/Charming - OUAT

- Regina/Robin - OUAT

- Francis/Mary - Reign

- Arthur/Gwen - Merlin

- Merlin/Morgana - Merlin (I know, it's not canon - but I ship it so hard!)

The ships I don't like (and it should be obvious):

- Sheldon/Penny (It's a crack ship and never has existed in TBBT. I can't push myself to think about it, so don't make me.) - TBBT

- Raj/Howard (Honestly, they aren't gay. Well, at least Howard isn't. That was proven by him marrying Bernadette. I have no clue about Raj, but I write him as canon - a man who hasn't found his woman yet. You never know what the writers will throw at us about that.) - TBBT

- Jess/Rory (Just ewwww! He's Luke's nephew!!! When Luke and Lorelai marry, he will be her cousin. That, and he treated her like crap!) - Glimore Girls

- Lena/Kara (Supercorp) - Cause seriously, how does that make sense?? Don't come bashing me either, cause my love for Karamel will just grow! - Supergirl

I consider myself a geek. I love Harry Potter and multiple sci fi shows and movies (I get a lot of the references in Big Bang). I HATE Twilight with a passion and REFUSE to watch it. Just not my thing.

I used to have my own country music radio show on my college's radio station and I am a HUGE country music fan myself. Favorite singers include: Dierks Bentley, Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, Sara Evans, Shania Twain, and Faith Hill. There are many more obviously, but listing them would take as long as one of Dr. Cooper's explanations to Penny. LOL!

I no longer post on Twitter or on any Fan message boards. However, when I'm bored, I write.

I work two retail jobs, and you know what that means this time of year!!!! BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!!!

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