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I am a huge fan of the Ranma series as well as Tenchi, OMG, Vandread Shuffle, Sekirei and a few others. I really enjoy the crossovers involving Ranma in them and have read several really awesome ones so far. If i find a story i like i will comment and more than likely add to favorites. Have a few story ideas in the works and will hopefully post first parts soon. I absolutely hate Ranma/Akane pairings, yes i know people think they should be together but serious she was a brat and a well another word that starts with B lol

Current Projects am working on Silver Soldier Ranma

Still in concept stage

Ranma/Tenchi Muyo- Ranma being related to Washu as either similar to Ryoko or in a intimate relationship

Ranma in a different cursed spring, most likely dragon of some type, as not many of them out that went far good concept just no one ever went far with the idea but others are being considered



Ranma /OMG

and few others have yet to decide on as well as attempting to adopt some unfinished ones from others who have seem to let theirs collect dust for years unfinished

Am looking for a story i read a while back about Ranma after killing Saffron ends up meeting with Kami Sama and ends up in Naruto universe landing in front of Kakashi who is at the Memorial stone, story leads to Ranma getting eyes from Kami in front of the Hokage and locked in female form after staying at Uchiha compound.

Also looking for a copy of On a Pale Mustang By Gryphon Aerie

Am currently in Rehabilitation after having a couple of surgeries, so i am working on my story again as i have a lot of free time between therapy sessions.

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