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You're probably wondering why I got my profile so ''decked'' out. Well I just figured that fans want to know more about me. That's why I added alot more about myself.

Meaning of Name: In Swahili Simba means "Lion".

And there many other meanings, these are from wikipedia.

-A well known name in Zimbabwe. The translation to english means power. Also used to decribe someone who is cool or well respected in the hood.

-Hence Simba is the Swahili(East African lanague) for Lion.

Why Do I write TLK Fanfics?: I've been asked that alot, why do we all here write for it? Simple, we LOVE IT!! I don't do this for fame or money, I do this for love.

Religious Views: Ancestor worship, and God.

Gender: Male

Birthday: January 2nd, 1995

Age: 18

Skin Color: Tan

Eye Color: Amber

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Ancestral Origin: Italian/Greek/ Spanish and African descent.

Other ways of contacting me: If you want and if you have a facebook account, you can friend request the Prince right here

This is my personal facebook account of myself, only friend request to talk or if you want anything outside of fanfiction. Don't friend request to bother me. This is only for fan chat. Contact me on my other facebook account for fanfiction matters. http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/profile.php?id=100001951097891

This is my facebook account strictly for fanfiction, I go by my fanfiction name on here. You can also friend request me here. Everything else is just for fun. All stories updates, new ideas things like that will be put on my wall here. http://www.facebook.com/editprofile.php?sk=entertainment&success=1#!/profile.php?id=100002278142225

I also just recently made a Twitter account if you have Twitter follow me here. ;) Though I'm not really on here that much cause Twitter is too confusing for me. http://twitter.com/#!/Simbareal

About Me: As an update for many who don't know I been on this site for a long time, but I haven't been writing lately. Just been having a lot going on in my life an haven't had time to sit down an finish my storys I started. But I hope to start writing again soon when I get my head on straight. For those who don't know my profile name is the Real Simba. I call myself that because my life has been a lot like Simba's. I love writing lion king fanfics but sometimes It's painful to even write because of memories in my past so I don't even bother to start or finish a story. But if anybody wants to inbox me with ideas on a story they would like or anything like that just let me know.

Current Story{S} In Progress

Lion Hood- A story about Simba as he struggles with becoming an adult growing into Lionhood, trying to escape his past an move on new people enter his life. Will he become the hero he is destined to be? Rated T For Violence, some strong langauge, an strong sexual content.

The Day In The Life Of A Teenage lion- When certain people are cut out of you're life, you need new people to fill that gap. This is a story about Simba's teenage years while living with Timon and Pumbaa in a lonely paradise. Will he learn to love again? Will he let go of his past and move on with his life? Rated T for some major violence and sexual content.

Completed Stories:

A Lion's Tale-The tale of a teen lion named Simba. This is a story of his life in a different way from the movie. A tale of love, illusions, hurt, and violence. SNL Teens. Rated T for sex, and major violence.

The Player-The young Prince Simba has started liking girls. But is he liking them the wrong way? All the girls know he's a player but can't resist the urge to date him until he breaks their heart. But will one single girl change his ways with the whole ''Player'' thing? And what happens when he falls in love for the first time?

Future Story Ideas: All my future ideas for new stories to come, I will leave them on my site just NO STEALING you have been warned. ;) I don't mind similar ideas but just don't take mine without permission. Also anything that has a song inspired with it will have the link at the bottom of the description. If any fans have suggestions but can't write it, then I would be glad just send me you're idea and I'll look at it. ;) Newest Ideas are at the top of the list.

Other Stories {Any besides SNL's}

-Kiara gets captured by hyena's, and Simba must fight to rescue his daughter.

-Simba is still King, but everyone he know and loves has past in life. As a master elderly old Lion he must find something to restore his Kingdom from falling to darkness by the up and coming young Outlander prince who is ruthless and cruel in war and wants to kill Simba for his throne. But as Simba has no sons alive, or an heir he finds a young cub who he raises and teaches the ways of the circle of life. Will this young cub grow to be the next King though by blood he is not meant to be royality?

-TLK 3 maybe would continue from the second movie

-Possible Remake of TLK 2, includes Kopa and his death.

-Possible Remake of TLK 1, includes alot more.

-Possible story about Mohatu. I was looking on Lion King Fanfiction and I noticed there isn't a single story in the Lion King section about Mohatu. He deserves to have a story told about him, from what I know Mohatu was the greatest Lion of all, he was huge, an amazing King and warrior. And he was the first Lion King of Pride Rock. The story will be about his life, from exile from an old land, he leads his people to the ''Promised Land'' to the south. The Pride Lands, and his struggles to build the Kingdom of his dreams, to set a legacy for all the future generations of Lions that will come after him at Pride Rock, if he can build this Kingdom he has in mind. He will face battles against other Lion Prides and Hyena armies. But can one King bring peace and bring his people away from the tyranny that makes them suffer day by day?

-Story about how a new young Lion that comes to Pride Rock, takes place when Simba and Nala are King and Queen. And trys to revolt the people of Pride Rock against Simba. Saying he has too much power as King, but will this new lion's quest for personal glory destroy Simba's destiny and the love he has with his family. Will the people go along with this young hot headed Lion's plan?

-Story about Kopa's life if it continued after him being a cub, what if he had survived from Zira when he was a young cub and Simba found out about it and stopped it? Kopa grows up with Kiara, and marries Vitani. But after Simba's death Kopa has a dream for Pride Rock that he had for the longest time. Can one Lion conquer the entire known world, and bring his army from Pride Rock and go to the unknown? That is Kopa's dream, he want's to lead the lions of Pride Rock to become greater and more well known than any other Lion Pride in Africa. But will his dream of glory and fame falter when he realizes his true destiny as King, can he survive to the end and do what his father Simba couldn't or didn't want to do?

-The Life of Scar is untold, maybe a possible long story about Scar and Mufasa as cubs and how Scar rises to power when he becomes an adult {I usually don't like doing things about Scar but I do like the movie Scarface, which inspired me with this idea. If you haven't seen it and you're a fan of gangster films it is a great movie, but very mature. The movie came out in 1983, the famous role of Tony Montana was played by great legendary actor Al Pacino who was younger at the time. The character Tony Montana reminded me alot like Scar when I was watch it and figures Tony Montana's nickname in the movie is Scarface, just like Taka/Scar is Scar or Scarface in Lion King.

SNL's {Simba, Nala love}

-He Dreamed of being that coolest cub every single place he went, but what happens when all his friends get jealous of his popularity and turn on him? Secluded to a life of lonlyness as a Teenager hurt from betrayal, heartbreak, and the loss of his father. With nobody in the entire world but him living right in the depths of the Elephant Graveyard. Seeing as Scar is King now Simba is exiled to being an battle hardened outcast. And this time there is no Timon or Pumbaa to save him. And no Nala to comfort him. Will he ever be able to get out of his depression and fufill his destiny? Based on real life events of mine. Long length SNL cubs-teens-adults Rated T

-Nala is Tojo's sister, and Simba is Tojo's best friend one day Tojo introduces Simba to Nala what will become of the two? SNL Cubs Rated T

-Mufasa finds an injured young female cub who seems to be dead, but was just injured for two days. What seems hopeless can she be saved? And what will happen in her future? Will she be able to endure all the teasing of her broken leg, and constant hate for being an outsider? SNL cubs Rated T Inspired by a real life event that happened recently, my dad and me found an injured female young cat on the road, we thought it was dead but decided to save it. So our male cat is taking a liking to her already.

-The young Lion Simba is now King, his life is great. He finally got the girl of his dreams, all of Africa knows his name, and he feels he can finally live in peace and maybe one day have cubs. But what happens when everything turns bad for him? Will he still keep his Pride and keep trying to finish his destiny even when everything brings him down? Or will the darker side that he gets from his murdered uncle come out in him? SNL Adults

-Simba reflects on the day him and Nala just had, he starts to think about the whole ''Betrothed'' thing Zazu mentioned. Will these new thoughts lead to him falling in love with Nala? And will she start to feel the same? SNL Cubs

-Simba and Nala are at a party that Mufasa has gathered for all the cubs in Pride Rock, she wonders who the cute boy is. When her friends tell her he's the Prince she trys to meet him. Will a first time meet lead to a long friendship? Or a date? Or even something greater? SNL Cubs Inspired by a comic I read on mylionking. Can't remember the name though.. sorry.

-Nala has a boyfriend and Simba is the best friend that knew her his whole life. Why is he outcasted? Can Simba show Nala that he really loves her enough to make her breakup with her new boyfriend and be with the one who she's truly supposed to be with? Or will a game of jealousy make Simba play around with other girls trying to make Nala jealous?

-Simba is losing Nala, he's lost. He can't find it in himself if he loves her or another girl. Will he overcome his true feelings and be with Nala, or will he break her heart and fall in love with another girl cub? Simba/Nala love cubs.

-Another Simba/Nala love story as cubs, but different where Nala doesn't get bullied like most the recent stories, she is just as popular as Simba and how they fall in love

-Cubs Simba and Nala get lost far out of the Pride Lands in the far north of Africa, they need to find a way to survive through the rough storms and harsh weather and in the end they will discover the love they had for each other. Will they survive?

-Young Simba is disliked by Pride Rock. All the cubs think he's too cocky and too arrogant about being Prince and future King. Nobody respects him, but how can they know him if all they do is bully him. But when one girl shows the people who Simba really is, can he get the popularity he deserves and get the girl of his dreams? And what trials will he face along the way, and will he fall in love? Simba/Nala cubs.

-Young Simba and Nala are in a long relationship. But what happens when a simple argument tears their perfect relationship apart? Will Simba be the first to apologize or will Nala apologize first? They grow far distant and think about each other for a long time. Will they ever make up and be happy together again, or will in the time of their spilt up, will Nala find somebody else and its to late for Simba to get his girl back?

-Life as the Prince isn't always what's it's cracked up to be. As popular and famous as he is. Simba can't seem to find the right girl because all the girls think he's ''bad'' so their parents tell them to stay away from the Prince even though all the benefits they would get being with the Prince. Will he ever find the one true girl that's just like him and finally fall in love after being so lonely picking and choosing?

-Poor young Simba suffers with a daily depression and stress for a long time. Will he ever escape? Or will one single girl bring him all the happiness in the world?

-Cub Simba and Nala are best friends, one day Simba takes Nala on a trip for the greatest time of their life just the two of them. But without their parents approval, what will happen when they reach the place they're trying to get to? And what will happen along the way?

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