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Hia Everyone,

Thank you to all of those who have been viewing and reviewing my stories even though most have not been updated in over a year now even though i said that i would get round to doing it.

Sadly however a few things had come up including lack of computer let a lone internet access for quite a few months due to financial circumstances that i am not going to go into great detail about but suffices to say that, that is sorted now.

Though i make no promises but depending on my schedule over the next week or two not only am i hoping to have revised ALL my stories, though it may take some time given that i don't have a beta reader/writer. But also hoping to have added a new chapter to each story, though i am also planning on releasing another TeenTitan story soon which to my knowledge should be quite original compared to the ones i've seen.

Anyway i would like to thank everyone again as it is nice to see that even after a year that my stories are being viewed and added to peoples alerts and favorites list, so, hope to see you all again soon! JA NE.

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