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My current writing has had to slow down due to injuries from a skiing accident in February 2014...my apologies.

Recent news:

Going Muggle Last updated in December 2014. Working on saving that story from writing apathy...it is nearly complete, and many readers have lost interest due to the latest twists...and I need to change the direction of the last couple of chapters...

New story idea..."Drunk on a plane." Yes, the idea is taken from the Dierks Bentley song. The idea was taken from what if Harry discovered that his relationship with Ginny was based on a farce, and ended up taking his honeymoon alone, and got drunk on a plane...and then developing a background to that scene, and then going forward to what would happen when he arrived at said prepaid honeymoon location. Several draft chapters have been written...

I also wrote the outline for a new darker story, My Enemy, My Ally, which I have no idea when that will be turned into an actual story. (Harry Potter is visited by Voldemort in his bedroom at Privet Drive shortly after the episode at the Ministry of Magic...that is the beginning of the story and I will leave it at that). (More serious outline has begun on this)

Future Imperfect, is now finished...

Life During Wartime - has been completed

Current projects:

Potter & Prejudice - yes, a retelling of Pride & Prejudice set in the Potterverse - post Hogwarts, ignores the epilogue and the Cursed Child. The Prologue is up. Most chapters are written - just waiting to be beta'd and edited...

I have decided to take down a couple of my unfinished stories from this site.

Specifically: Harry Potter and The Dark Mark - Parts 1 & 2 - I do not know if or when it will ever get finished. As that was the first fan fiction I ever wrote, the writing is atrocious at times, the grammar and spelling need a lot of work. There are some interesting plot devices, but compared to some of my more recent writings, its kind of lame (in my own opinion). Then there is the one chapter story Harry Potter and the End of the War, which was meant as a teaser for whole other story. I have never had a chance to develop that story and I have so many other stories that are much more developed, I doubt I will ever get around to that one. So I will probably take those down as they are going nowhere. I for one, hate reading a multi chapter story only to find 10 - 20 chapters into it that the author has quit writing it - so, for the purposes of not leaving you all hanging, I will most likely be taking those down (after double checking that I have at least backed them up somewhere)...just giving you all fair warning...

Those stories have come down...(as of 5/19/2014)

Favorite quote: I'm a doctor not a _

Personal quote: Damn it, Jim, I'm a doctor not a navigator (actually spoken to a friend named Jim in a relevant situation)

Favorite fanfic author: my wife (EmlynMara on Fanfiction.net) (Check out her story about Harry Potter starting at the end of year 4...)

Favorite Movie: The Princess Bride

Favorite Movie Series: Star Trek, Star Wars, Bourne, Marvel movies since Iron Man, Indiana Jones (as opposed to Star Trek where the even number movies are the best, for some reason Lucas made the odd numbered movies the best), LOTR, Harry Potter, Bond

Favorite books: (not that I am a big reader, but I have read the following books out loud to my kids over the years: The Hobbit, The Lord of the Ring Trilogy, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Harry Potter Series, The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini, the Bible - okay, I did not read them the Song of Solomon, they can read that on their own when they are older...)

Reviews are welcome...but no flames, please...if you don't like my style of writing, or the dialogue I write, you do not need to post it with repeated anonymous reviews...in fact, you just don't need to read anything I write, I promise I will try to get over it...

Current Activity:

Story list will indicate which ones are complete...

Life During Wartime - complete

Future Imperfect - complete

Tangled Up In Blue - outline of a HP story based on Bob Dylan's song...yeah, doesn't make much sense to me either, but I already have a chapter outlined for each verse...

Drunk On A Plane - plot bunny cropped up based on new country song. Harry discover's his relationship with Ginny is a farce. Ends his relationship with her (and the Weasleys). Starts with the scene on the plane, then gives background to what led to that scene, then what happens when he arrives at the prepaid trip in the Bahamas. (Fluff story).

A Company Man - Harry becomes a hit wizard after his Quidditch career is ended...

Plus several other stories being worked on in outline/draft format...including Harry being trained by angels (surprise, it is a very dark story), Harry getting a new circle of friends at the time of the TriWizard tournament...etc...

N.B.: My wife can't stand HP/HG - so she won't even read those stories even when I write them (ie, The Dark Lord? and A Day in The Life)

One of my sons has started writing FanFiction - an interesting story: A Band of Misfits - by mordenkaiser - check it out


My thoughts on fanfiction stories I have read:

EmlynMara has written some wonderful HP/GW stories...not everyone's cup of tea, but worth looking into, even if you normally don't read that pairing...

Harry Potter and the New Chance » by EmlynMara

Epic story starting at the end of 4th year, Sirius takes Harry under his wing to protect him and train him, yes, it IS a HP/GW story, but there actually is a relationship here, very well done

Wanted Dead or Alive Vigilante » by EmlynMara

post DH, HP is hunting down escaped Death Eaters after the war, with the help of his red-headed girlfriend (yes, another very good HP/GW story)

Reign O'er Me
» by cts

the first epic HP story I ever read (and almost every chapter is named after a song by The Who – Maximun R&B!)

also - one of my favourite authors is Dorothea Greengrass

she has some very good Harry/Daphne stories

A Marriage of Convenience - is currently being published

Trapped in a Broom Closet

Marry You

From South Hampton to New York and Beyond - is a great story

an author whose works I have read an enjoyed a lot:

munkeymaniac: (now known as James Spookie)

The Lion Tamer, Lion's Pride, The Lion's Roar

A trilogy of HP/DG stories – very well done, worth the time it takes to read through them...

Things We Do For Love

another epic HP/DG fic –

The Forgotten Contract

one of the first HP/SB stories I read – well done

...I have enjoyed reading even more of his stories...

HP/HG parings:

H J Potter » by S.M wane

soul bind fic – HP and HG

Banking on Her » by robst

the first (or second) HP/HG story I read – begins with the GOF

Breakfast In New York by Radaslab

HP/HG eventually get together, post DH, on a chance meeting in NY

and, what has become my favorite pairing - for reading and for writing...HP/DG

Partners » by muggledad

a very well done HP/DG fic

A Chance Encounter » by spectre4hire

Harry meets the Greengrass family at platform 9 at the beginning of year one, NOT the Weasleys – so this is what might happen (HP/DG fic)

For Whom the Bell Tolls » by nefieslab

HP/DG/SB story, begins at the time of the dementor attack before 5th year, well done

Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts » by Clell65619

a great HP/DG fic; set in 7th year, after Harry and Neville defeated Voldemort, and the stories they tell Dumbledore on how they supposedly defeated Riddle are amazing

Harry Potter, Wizarding Savior? by Dbzdragonlanceman

The first Harry-Daphne story I read – and an enjoyable one

Grey Is Better by kevin1984

one of the first Harry must go back in time and redo everything stories that I read – HP-DG-HG ship...

Circumstances » by tyro12

a story that is a lot of fun HP/DG, - recently added to my favorites list

stories that I have found are a lot of fun

Poison Pen » by GenkaiFan

Harry deals with the lies being told about him in the press, using Slytherin methods...a fun story

At The End Of All Things by DLRP

Harry destroys the world, goes back in time and plans to fix things (Weasley bashing, Harry/harem)

Harry Potter and the Cursed Summer by Mountain907

Harry spends the summer learning about curse breaking with Bill Weasley – it is quite the adventure

Harry Potter and the Gift of Memories by pokemaster12

Harry is smart, Harry has perfect memory, for EVERYTHING – a work in progress

HP/SB stories:

Hiding in Plain Sight by Clell65619

one of the more humorous stories I have read here

MunkeyManiac (James Spookie) has a very good HP-SB story (see above)

Revelations of One Harry James Potter by JackPotr is a story I just read that is fun, although perhaps a bit to extreme for Harry behaves - very grey...

Harry and Bellatrix stories may be a little too out there for some people...but here are some interesting and well done ones...

Harry Potter and The Magic Revolution » by KennethRose

a very AU fic, Harry is sent to Azkaban by RW and HG, where he gets together with Bella, and then they change the world of magic...

Passageways by jerrway69

Hogwarts allows Harry and Bella to meet in the Room of Requirement – sort of time travel – interesting premise

Harry Potter and the Turning of the Sun by Lord umbrex

Harry travels back in time – to when his parents were in school – HP/Bellatrix story – interesting character development

Delenda Est » by Lord Silvere

an epic story of Harry and Bella – includes time travel, change in the time line,

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