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Nicole : from Texas. I love to read.

Favorite Wrestlers: (random order) popping in my head..

John Cena-hott..ring talent is ok..love his smile
Batista-..wow..great body
Triple H- the Game
Ric Flair- the Man
Shawn Micheals-the reason I became a fan
Mr. Kennedy- my guilty pleasure
Rene Dupree- i miss him..yes i said it.
Alex Shelley- he's really good..awesome
Chris Sabin-awesome
Randy Orton- great heel
The Rock- can i still call him that?..Dwanye Johnson.
Ron Simmons- the reason why i wanted to go to FSU..great football team..
Jeff/Matt Hardy-Team Extreme
Eddie Gurerro-R.I.P.
Christian- like him in WWE and TNA..
The Undertaker-first time i saw him live i was 10, i was scared out of my mind? (it passed)
Cryme Tyme-Money, Money, yeah, yeah
Team 3D-why did WWE release them anyway?
Kaz-like his ring work
Aj Styles-natural
Sting-not the crow
Original ECW...not the crap on Tuesday night
Wade Barret- Love a man with an accent
Justin Gabriel- A breath of fresh air
Ted Dibiase- more t.v time

Divas- the ones that can actually wrestle..

Lita-the unlimate diva
Trish Stratus-started to like her at the end (its a shame)
Beth Phoenix-i give her props..love her
Mickie James-she's cute
Natyala- Love her

Not So Fav Wrestlers: anyone not on this list...cause i cant remember anyone else i like, which i know I'm forgetting..

Edge-great performer, just dont speak..
the Miz
Michael Cole
Michelle McCool
The Beautiful People

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