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My name is Tracey and I'm 46 years old and I'm a hugh, hugh Twi-hard mom. Edward and Bella are my couple and Emmett and Roslie are my other couple. I love to read Edward point of view.

Twilight is something me and my daughters enjoy together. I have 4 daughters Jamie (28 yrs. old step-daughter), Lindsey (27yr), Ashley (23yr), and Shianna (22yr) and 2 sons John (11 yrs.old adopted) and Matthew (11 yrs. old) I advice everyone on here to BECOME A ORGAN DONOR AND SAVE A LIFE!!!! HELP SAVE A LIFE!!!!!

I am an EMT-I for a small privately owned company here in West Virginia. I am also a lieutant fire fighter and swift water rescue.

I have read all 4 of the Twilight series 50 times and read them while I'm at the doctors office or waiting for patience on dialysis.

I have been married to my husband for 23 yrs and he is also an Supervisor Paramedic/fire fighter for the same company that I work for.

I love reading the stories on here.

You can follow me on facebook with the same name. Vtweetymccn

I read the stories on here to my co-workers so if you are on my favorites you have about 30 fire fighters and 20 EMS personal liking your stories too. We even started a PERV CLAN that loves sexy lemons and we love to bet on what is going to happen next in the chapter.

Favorite Authors

1. Pbroken aka Pam Brookshire -- Love this women if you want some Dirty Talking

Edward read all of her stories especially Hot Mess cause we talked her into writing it

and gave her some ideas. She came up with the PERV CLAN!!!!! Love ya Pam!!!

2. Saritadreaming aka Sarah -- She is the first story I read on here and read to the

crew. Shattered Into A Thousand Pieces was the first story and my daughter Lindsey

started reading her other stories and told me to read the others so one night while

catching up on paperwork she was reading out loud and got the girls at the fire

station and then some of the guys and that is how I started reading to the crew.

3. drotuno aka Deb also half of Sarge's Girls -- Her Angel series were the first time we

bet (and we don't bet money we do chores and sing naked). We played around with it

when she wrote An Island In The Sun but it work better when she wrote Broken Angel

cause she keeps us on our toes. I and all the females love her Nature of Love story a

must read!!!! Love ya Deb

4. JenRar aka Jen -- the other half of Sarge's Girls. Love Jen's short stories but Full

Circle is the one that the males her at the station kept telling me to PM her about

questions they had. Both Jen and Deb's story Letters to Sarge was wonderful.

Love ya Jen

5. Edwardsouthernbella aka Ashley -- aka Mrs. Romantic aka Princess of Porn all of

her stories are romantic and put the romance back into today society. She is also

one half of Oasis in Twilight writing The Habor in the Tempest. Love ya Ashley!!!

There are alot of writers such as:

Windchymes - Distractions, The Keepsake

Mandycullen - Camp Nightlight

DivineInspiration - The Color of Your Eyes

Vamp-by-Night - Spring Awakening

Writingbabe - Release

WinndSinger - Hurt, The Red Line, and Coloring Outside the Lines

GingerWombatkat - En Pointe

Ashel-13 - Total Eclipse of the Heart, Making Love Out of Nothing At All

Lykosdracos - The Handcuff Bracelet, Switches and Sub

Erinbatt - Secret Sex

Mrs. RobertPattinson - Prom Night

SarahJean6 - The Life Cycle of A Sex Life

Planetblue - Channel 5

There are some that are not on here anymore that had great stories like:

Tara-sue-me, luvrofink, klm2674, faerieKitten and fetish fan. I hated to see them go and

miss their stories.

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