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My stories are gone. Maybe one day they'll come back. If you'd like to talk with me, PM me! Now about those stories... ... maybe I'll accept a descriptive request for a one-shot...

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Dear readers,

Heylo! My name is Almorlyx. I've had other pen names so you may know me by XxXEnvyxXx or ShadowTraveller123.

I used to have six stories (or seven, if you want to count Hades has two more kids!). Their names were: Hades has two more kids! Re-write, Who knew?, The Rescuers that Saved the World from the Titans, Why my life?, The Shadow Alchemist and Please, make me an Akuma. Just telling you, incase you knew who wrote them and was wondering what happened to them.

Yes, I am female and my age is between 15 and 21

I also have an tumblr account (I'm almorlyx there too)! http:///

I have read a lot of books and seen a lot of movies, played some video games, watched some anime and read some manga. I go to conventions and cosplay most of the time. It's really fun! If you'd like to know more about who I cosplayed or anything like that, please send me an Ask on tumblr. Or I guess you could PM me. :)

Anything else? Just ask me; I swear I will answer as best I can!

Signed, Al

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