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Hey random person! My name's ANannyMouse! My friends call me ANannyMouse, but you can call me ANannyMouse. ...Wait. Does that mean we're friends? Hey friendly stranger. ;D .)


~I'm super weird. Just getting that out there so you have no false impressions. But, it's a good kind of weird! And if you say otherwise, I will sic my imaginary pet kitten on you! Be scared. Very scared. ;D

~I loveee to talk! And type! That's why my reviews are so unnecessarily long. A valuable lesson for me to learn would be how to be sincere, but concise. Eh, but I have all adulthood for being concise. I'LL RAMBLE WHILE I CAN! ;)

~Jesus died for me. I live for Him. Simple, eh? And God already knows I love Him, without me having to copy and paste a hundred different things onto my profile.

~Though I sound like it, I'm not Canadian! I just love the word "eh". It's just an awesome word, eh? ;)

~I use too many smiley faces...

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