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I'm a geek, aspiring writer, amateur genealogist, and proud Canadian. Everything else can change without warning. My stories are a glimpse into my insanity.

I've been writing original fiction and fanfics for over 30 years. The stories on here represent some of my best work. Fandoms that I plan to write for in the future include Fantasy Island, Person of Interest, and Dragonriders of Pern.

If you enjoy my stories, please leave a review. Feedback is always appreciated.

Favourite TV Shows: Doctor Who, Lucifer, Star Trek, Person of Interest, and many obscure shows from the 1980s

Favourite Authors: Anne McCaffrey (R.I.P.), Elizabeth Moon, Ernest Cline, David Gerrold, R.A. Salvatore

Favourite Activities: Writing, Genealogy, Dungeons & Dragons, Biking, Geocaching

Just a little plug: For those interested in Automan, I recommend the works of autonwallyluvr as her stories are not linked to the fandom category.

Please do not copy, share, or post my stories anywhere else without my permission.

There are a number of sites that have copied work from FFN, passed it off as their own and are generating ad revenue from it. I won't identify them because that will only serve to further legitimize those sites. I have posted my work only on FFN. If you see any of my stories elsewhere, I did not give permission for it.

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