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Oriax Ailaht PM
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Formally known as Code Halo.

Most of the stories on here will either be on an indefinite hiatus due to studying or dropped due to my lack of interest in them. I do plan, in the nearby future, to post more drabbles more than multichaptered stories. Fixing my writing style is the most important thing right now, so feedback would be appreciated.

Story Progress:

- Melting my Niflheimr (Klein x OC Sword Art Online) (In Progress)

- Final Impressions (Hazuki x Cicinho, Galieli Donna) (W.I.P. 25% done)

- 故国 / Homeland (NanashixOC Sword of the Stranger) (Hiatus)

- Between the Crossfire (GaLe, Fairy Tail) (Dropped)

Commissions: (Offline)

- Frostbite (Belphegor x OC Katekyo Hitman Reborn) (W.I.P. 25% done)

- Glass Castles (Belphegor x OC Katekyo Hitman Reborn) (In Progress)

- Fluttering Heartbeats (Crusty/Krusty x OC Log Horizon) (In Progress)

Requests are no longer accepted. But fanfiction/story trades would be acceptable starting June 11th, 2015.


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