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So I'm 6thfloormadness, a dude living in the United States.

I got into fanfiction in high school (Baldur's Gate stories from the Attic over at Gamejag, if you're curious) but didn't start writing it until halfway through college. I mostly only read fanfiction about Bioware games though I've expanded into Bethesda games as well as Avatar The Last Airbender. I also got really into Worm stories after I finished reading that.

I tend to post stuff on SpaceBattles first and only put it on here afterwards, just an FYI.

Some behind-the-scenes information about my stories:

A Technological Singularity- It originally started as what-if exercise but it has become something different over the course of writing it. I discovered that I enjoyed writing humorous character interaction (well it's humorous to me and some readers, some people find it annoying). I also found out that the Borg presented me with the opportunity to look at the philosophical implications of their situation. I try to avoid Author Filibuster in favor of showing different perspectives of the situation but I don't know how successful I am in keeping my opinions out of my work. Furthermore, the longer the story goes on the further my Borg get from canon Borg, mostly because, while canon Borg are very iconic, they are rather stupid in their adherence to their image. They are utterly reliant on assimilation because they can't do anything themselves, if they were to take over the galaxy, stagnation would occur. Hence why I've changed things.

People have complained that the story takes too long to get going, that I waste too much time with the set up when I should have just done a timeline. This was deliberate on my part. To me, a timeline feels like a cop out. A timeline is just an excuse to jump right to the action which, if all you want to do is write a story about the Turians getting curb-stomped, works fine I guess. I am not just having the Borg happen to be in Mass Effect, I am merging two series technology and lore. I want to create a believable universe for my characters to inhabit. That requires time and backstory.

Late Night Worries- Like I mentioned in the story, this was inspired by reading a similar story about Miranda staying up late at night in Shepard's quarters. I wanted to see if I could write romance with any degree of skill and at the time there were very few MShepard/Jack stories on the site (heck there still aren't that many) so I decided to use n7walker's story premise and just swap out the love interest. I like to think it turned out well but I am a little biased in that regard. I have the sort-of-almost-a-story idea for a sequel where Jack and Shepard go on a date on the Citadel but I have no idea if that will ever get written.

Anthropophagy- Why is the story called Anthropophagy and not Cannibalism when they basically mean the same thing? Because Cannibalism is too obvious and I thought it sounded stupid. Simple as that. The story started when I dug up an essay about hunger I had left over from a creative writing class so I decided to tweak it and see if I could turn it into a first person narrative. I created a problem for myself with this story in that the first chapter works fine as a stand-alone but the second chapter hints at a story arc so I forced myself to write the third chapter as a resolution. I'm not particularly happy with it but it was bugging me leaving it unfinished.

Cold Blooded Love- This story suffers from the same problem as Anthropophagy: when I first started writing it I planned it to be a one-shot but I very clearly set the stage for arc that needs to be finished. This story remains unfinished, not because I don't know how to end it, but because I don't want to. I lost interest in the story shortly after posting it.

Hammer Time- Much like how I really enjoy Mass Effect fanfiction that is Alternate First Contact War, I really enjoy Worm stories that are Alt!power Taylor. Decided to try my hand at it. Nothing too crazy, just gave her a Gavel's power from canon instead of doing a crossover.

A Corrosive Substance- The story summary basically explains the plot bunny I had in my head. What if Taylor had a more public Trigger? Unlike Cold Blooded Love and Athropophagy I made sure that this could remain as is. No hanging plot threads that I need to finish. I do like that idea of exploring where the story could go, but for now, this story is done.

King Takes Knight's Pawns- One thing I've never been that good at writing (in my opinion) is fight scenes...so here's a story that's practically nothing but a fight scene, because that makes sense. Basically, I wanted practice at writing a fight but not put it in one of my other stories.

Abyss Given Form- After I finished Hammer Time I decided I wanted to try writing a story that was a bit longer and more planned out, this is the result.

Adaptation- Hit some writer's block with Abyss Given Form so I decided to start something else and see if that shook the creativity loose. It's a rather straightforward Crawler!Taylor story.

Daughter, Dragon- Got the idea from a poster over on Spacebattles. 'What if Dragon acted her age?' was the basic suggestion.

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