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I discovered fanfiction during the summer 2010. I was looking for a good alternative history book to read on Wikipedia and it mentioned fanfiction of which Team 8 was listed. Me being a Naruto fan decided to see what was what and before i knew it I was hooked.

Most of the fanfics i read tend to consist of Naruto, Mass Effect, Harry Potter, Fate stay night and some other ones I cant think of.

A challenge

This is unusual of me as I seemed to have saturated most of the naruto fanfics on and hope that someone willingly write on one of these stories if not more.

Minatos Clone:

Naruto isnt the son of the yondaime but instead a genetic clone of the yondaime, he could or could not have subconscious memory of minato this could give us some insight on the yondaimes character his lack of a backstory leaves a lot of room for improvisation and also can or can not be the kyuubi container. A jinchuuriki with the yondaimes genius would have awesome potential.This was done in an excellent fic called firestorm by worldsneighbour though it is one of the most unusual and confusing stories out there, where naruto was created through cooperation between minato and orochimaru. You could have him replace canon naruto or be in the same generation as naruto, the interaction between clone naruto and kushina would be interesting to say the least.

OC Jinchuuriki:

The kyuubi container isnt naruto but an oc character. The possibilities are endless, eg does he have parents or is he an orphan, furthermore does his family accept him or reject him would love the interaction between him and jiraiya along with kakashi. Another difference could be where he is sealed with all of the kyuubis chakra if it could have happened with the shodaimes wife and kushina why not this OC character, does he have the same affinity as naruto (The kyuubi seems to have the ability to use fire nature back when he bust out of the chibaku tensei, this along with the full kyuubis chakra means that the OC could have dual affinities . The OC character should be of the same generation as naruto but does not need to be of similar character ie become similiar to gaara where the sandaime ignores the killing out of a sense of guilt and reckons the people of konoha deserve it or Itachi like etc

Uchiha jinchuuriki:

Lets be honest, when one writes a naruto fanfic they always try to make naruto a bit like sasuke, talented skilled and depending on whose story you read also full of hatred and jealousy. Now I know sasuke is one of the most hated character in the series, but is this truly his fault, if you look carefully you can see he was a good kid before the massacre. Due to his jinchuuriki status sasuke could have been treated a bit similar to naruto e.g. ignored or hated even by his own family, he already was ignored from before by his own father, so when itachi does end up killing the clan, he could just shrug it off and say hey no love lost, they didn't care for me why should I extend the favour (this is sasuke we are talking about, not naruto who believes in the good of everyone). With naruto one can make him disappear from the story he died in the kyuubis attack etc or even better yet share jinchuuriki status by having sasuke contain the yin chakra and naruto the yang chakra. With his sharingan sasuke could down the line control the kyuubi. As to overpowering, there are plenty of rinnegan naruto fics and some other godlike naruto stories. And oh yeah you will be original cause i aint seen this story before.

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