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Update (7/26/2020): Not entirely active on here anymore, but I stop by once in a while.

I will NOT be doing an MK11 parody, please stop asking! Any anon reviews of asking me to write one will automatically be deleted. Other than being incredibly busy, the MK11 (and Aftermath) story is honestly a joke in of itself.

Basic rundown of my stories (not in particular order):

Rose with Its Thornz: I was only 15 when I managed to complete this story, and while it's not the greatest, I consider it somewhat charming since it follows the plotline for Guitar Hero 3, but I enjoyed this kind of story. I have ideas to revamp it, but at the same time, I want to keep it the way it is to show my progression as a writer.

Rose's Feelings: Now this one is what I want to rework on whenever I get the chance. I was a little bit shy doing a oneshot mostly about Johnny and Rose spending the night together after the latter's anxiety going off due to her feelings for Johnny. I wanted this to be a tender and romantic short story which would have been part of if I had the chance to make a sequel to Rose with Its Thornz, but I think it's fine the way it is.

Bless That Lonely Soul: Considered my magnum opus fanfiction-wise, this story is kind of like an older female Ciel having Sebastian and others by her side, but the idea of forbidden love is agonizingly beautiful. The thought of a human falling in love with a demon who is bound to eat her soul is heartbreaking, but Jane grew to love Sebastian, and in a surprising twist, he grows to be fond of her as well. I like to think of my version of Sebastian as a caring individual but is so sadistic that he would not mind grinding bones and spill lots of blood to fulfill Jane's commands. Plus, teasing the readers with sexual tension and not making them kiss until later was so much fun.

Dancing Diamond: My second most successful story, I was very determined to do justice to the Dance Central series by creating a somewhat love story around my OC Luce and Oblio. The latter is my favorite character because of how mysterious and artistic he is. There were some hidden details that Harmonix left when Dance Central had its own website, providing some extra background information detailing his disappearance in Dance Central 2. I added in some differences so that I wouldn't have to completely rely on all of the lore. This was fun while it lasted, but it's disappointing how Harmonix assumingly abandoned Dance Central, a series that helped sparked my love for dance /music games again.

Say Something: This story is titled after the sad song I'm attached to in more ways than one. I loved the idea of exploring what Tan and Oblio's relationship would have been liked if Oblio knew he was the former's son. I'm quite proud of this oneshot since it brought me a lot of emotions while writing this. The fan art that appears on Tumblr and deviantART featuring Oblio and Tan are bittersweet and even comedic.

My Savior: Funny how this is my first story for the Mortal Kombat series. I personally prefer to write in the third-person perspective, but I wanted to try first-person to let the readers read into Serenity's mind and see her side of this story. I am very attached to Raiden and just how, as his voice actor said when I asked what it was like to voice him, noble he is. Serenity is a character I created that had rough drafts for what her backstory is. I wanted her to be someone who greatly depends on Raiden for helping her from her unfortunate circumstances. Unfortunately, I don't have the time nor motivation to create a full-fledged story around Serenity. I really want to, but due to my own unfortunate circumstances, I don't think I'll be able to comprise a fleshed-out story. It's also my first attempt of making a detailed lemon, so if you're into that, you might enjoy this.

Mortal Kombat X - Parody Edition: I was inspired by Feeding-the-Wolves' Star Wars parodies for making this parody. When I was working at an elementary school as a filled-in receptionist during the summer after I graduated from high school, I used a lot of my time to fill in Mortal Kombat X's story, but add in tons of humor and add in some subtle but interesting references that relate to the characters. It's amazing how even though there are some slipups, I still get a good laugh out of some of the chapters.

In His Mind: Kenshi was one of my main inspirations to write for the Mortal Kombat series. His character and design was just unbelievable; a blind swordsman with telekinesis? That is just awesome! I originally wanted to pair up my OC Serenity with Kenshi, but since he has a son with Suchin, it would make things kind of complicated, and I wouldn't feel obligated to write about a pairing where half of it already has a child from a previous relationship. This is non-canon for Serenity's timeline, but I still had fun writing this.

Mortal Kombat 9: Rebooted & Parodied!: After the success of the MKX parody, I wanted to take on MK9's story mode and parodied it. I did have a huge writer's block because I was going through some issues and was somewhat stressed, which is why it took nearly two years to complete it. I do feel guilty since the first parody only took two months to finish. Thankfully, it is done and dealt with.

When Our Eyes Reunited: Kind of a shame how I wrote this nearly a year after The Force Awakens was theatrically released, but I didn't feel prepared to get on the writing hype train. Another attempt in the first-person perspective, I wanted to make a slight reader x canon type story without having to rely on the second-person point of view. This is basically a fill-in for any female (or male) to be in this position where Kylo Ren did the forbidden act that I won't say.

Accepting Judgement: Fire Emblem has quickly become my favorite game series of all time, and Awakening is a game that I hold very dear to my heart. I knew of Fire Emblem way before Awakening, but I felt too young and inexperienced to play the GBA and console games that were released here in the United States. I wrote this in a state of depression and this is somewhat of a way to vent my emotions while creating a short story that could have happened in the game with its inclusion of multiverses. Also, Lucina is my baby and making her cry was very difficult for me to write.

Time Is Cruel: Ever since the trailer for MK11 dropped, I was ecstatic. Seeing Dark Raiden was chilling yet exciting. And when the second Scorpion showed up, something was up and I had a feeling time travel would be involved. I thought about my OC Serenity and I wanted to write more about her again. I longed to do a story about how she encountered Earthrealm and met Raiden and other people, but I'm just too busy that I barely have time to do writing in general, except if it has to do with my freelance jobs.

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