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FFN was my start, my beginning, an adventure... and then real life happened. Chronic illness is nothing to sniff at. Since I started down this road, I’ve moved across continents and buried people I loved. I’ve had to accept diagnosis’ I never would have even dreamed of. I never asked for this.

I wish the adventure never had to end, but when you’re falling asleep next to a toilet from throwing up the lining of your stomach all night, the last thing you need in you inbox is verbal abuse. When you’re sitting at your grandmothers bedside praying to a god you don’t believe in for just one more day, you don’t want people trying emotional blackmail on you.

Fanfiction costs nothing... except time and patience, and the author’s heart.

Be kind. Be brave. Write awesome fics guys;

and maybe, if you’re ever on ao3, we might cross paths again.

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